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  1. Since i have moved to germany the car has been sold, someone in Blackburn bought it so now i am car less when i head back home. Dunno if i will get another, think i will move to somit it a bit bigger when i return to good old england. Been nice sitting in here though Cheers all Mat
  2. The gold forums have a discount scheame with some dealers so if you join that then they at least know who TOC is, and you get cheaper services Mat
  3. Yeah i'm going down on the 2nd with me house mates Mat
  4. Yeah, me mum can get hers to about 55 ish, mine never goes above 40 for long, funny that :) Mat
  5. Its to do with the iginition init so doesn't it go on the semi-live so the amp turns on when the radio does Mat
  6. Doesn't look too bad, i've done worse in me old one but that should of been writen off as it ended uip having a new engine cause i cracked the other one in half :P Shouldn't take too long to fix... get rid of that nasty yellow thing though, prolly look better on bricks :) Mat
  7. Try giving HPI UK a ring, there not bad people, some of me mates used to be sponsored by them Mat
  8. I did see one with NOS once, was quite amusing Mat
  9. this is where big feet come in handy :) pressing 2 pedals at once :) Mat
  10. can i have the money from the dine slot???? Hehe, nice wheels Mat
  11. Yeah they got 3 kids, had the police round before to take a statement, 47 cars been done in one night!!! *****s Mat
  12. Some sad ****** has decided to go down the street last night stabbing tyres at random, most have had 2 out, i'm fortunate only having the one but its a right pain. What makes people do things like this????!!!!!! And i missed an exam cause i couldn't get to it!!1 Mat
  13. Yeah i got an ex demo on the wed,. picked it up on the sat. Not really a problem for me that its ex demo cause its going in a few months mat
  14. Yeah sounds good Just before the 1st july when i sell the Yaris to move to germany for a year.... but don't worry, gettin a yts when i get back :) Mat
  15. their is also a handly bit of carpet cut under the passenger seat to put the wire through :) Mat
  16. wish i could put mine in 1st from 5th, it just won't do it, same with revers Mat
  17. oh yeah, forgot abt me part time job(s) Barman and Light Jockey too :) Mat
  18. Staffordshire University (Stafford campus) 2nd year doing Computing Science
  19. Avoid the palm o/s though, try mobile windows (or windows mobile or pcoket pc) itseasyer to sync with a regular pc. Or just buy an ipaq for music and add it into a slot on the head unit (well, i can :)) Mat
  20. Thats just sick!!! Notice how when you tell us all not to do somit we do it.... bit like did u know its imposible to lick our own elbow??? How many people just tried that??? Mat
  21. who was it who had a dvd player in their yaris? i can remember seeing thge pics of it once Mat
  22. It is the batery, even if the car won't start (as in starter motor) there is no power getting to it as nothing turns on, not even warning lights. Try putting distilled water in the battery or just get a new one for 30 quid. Also when you do get it running the brakes will be stiff as hell so don't be shocked if you can't get the handbrake off Mat
  23. Hey, i think i win for the most expensive Toyota service, over 7 grand :) mum and dad laughed too (they had to pay it) :) Mat
  24. Hey up Why not travel to leicester or birmingham and get it fitted by someone who knows what there doing instead of halfords? I think if i am right there is somewhere in lufbra but i can't remeber (me ex goes uni there). If not, try asking around there, i got me head unit off a fresher from there, so there is bound to be someone who can do it there Mat
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