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  1. vmail, how wrong oculd you be :) ever read roadcraft? go read it and see if you still think it will make everyone a woman driver :) Mat
  2. WH Smiths, next issue is out on the 16th. its not american either Mat
  3. Total Car Audio for me at the mo :) need new shiney bits for the sound :) Mat
  4. I done the IAM one, skipped pass plus cause its a different thing. IAM is more about controling the car and noticing potential hazards ahead. it helps your driving and makes it a bit more fun. Am 21 now and did it when i was 18, not got me own insurance policy but it won't nock it down that much cause of your age and the points but it will help you notice the speed cameras and where they are likely to stand (its run by ex police and the examiner is a current traffic police fella). Its worth doing just for the experience and its better than pass plus cause thats just lets take you on the moptorway, well done. Plus you get to drive like a fool round country lanes (well i did) :) Mat
  5. Yeah, stop this... its gettin silly :) Mat
  6. So in theory, if you drive your car at sea level then its got a slower 0-60 than if you drove it on a mountain road :) I beleive painting you brake callipers helps too :) Mat
  7. on another note, max power stickers increase power by 250bhp just by putting them in the window, fast ford increas by 5, redline by 100 and so on. :) Mat
  8. On my old one i had a hole drilled in the floor of the boot which just fitted a screw in to ground it, it worked. Not sure what i am gonna do on the new one, don't fancy drilling it :) Mat
  9. try pushing the aerial in further, i know mines tight to get into my alpine setup. There is the 2 which go into the wiring loom and another one which goes back on the riht of the old unit if i remember No sure about the interference though, could be a dodgy lead or connection?/?? Mat
  10. Tis a GS., they only changed it on the later models (i.e. its early 2003) Mat
  11. Right, get the new car on sat, can't be ubikd to take the door speakers outa my old one, anyone know of a decent make or should i just get the focals back again? Cheers Mat
  12. Tkae it to the toyota dealer (if its not there) they should just plug it in and it tells them whats up Mat
  13. just finished taking it out m8 :) am not leaving that in there :) Mat
  14. Its gone, get the new one on sat. I say new, its an ex demo from a dealer, black, 2003 model but stilll a gs but the wheels look better :) Mat
  15. i had pirelli p3000 on me old gs (well, it sstill sat in the drive, but goes on sat :)) they seemed to work well Mat
  16. Right, just took me 1.0 GS to get its 60k service (t reg) Am told it pulls badly to the left, the clutch has started to slip, there is an oil leak between the gearbox and the engine and it needs a new tyre. Also at the next service it needs a new cam belt and the brake pads will need to be changed. Am due to sell the car in 6 months, by which time either the clutch will have gone, or it will reach 70k so cost me a load on servicing and if i don't service it, am going to have to nock a load off the asking price. Do i take it to a garage now and part ex it for another or wait and pray it don't <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> up? Cheers Mat
  17. AM thinkinf of putting some sound in the back of my yaris, can i easily get hold of a replacement parcel shelf if i cut this one up to put some speakers in OR can anyone suggest an alternative to cutting it? There seems to be far too much bass from my sub and needs to be some noise behind me Thanks Mat
  18. All that needs to be said is no matter what you do to it... its still a nova! no matter how loud the exhaust is etc. Now go and bum nova's somewhere else and not here please Mat
  19. Its all very well this... but the flipping thing rattles!!! Anyone know how to sort that, gonne re do me doors after christmas cause there doing me head in whenever the bass hits Mat
  20. Am still a bit miffed they want 900 quid off me for a 1.0 yaris and i'm over 21 grr!!! Mat
  21. THere int a lot out at the mo thats good, they kinda ruin most cd's putting DJ sammy on or scooter so there not worth getting. Make your own as long as they are only used for 24 hours Mat
  22. I know on the yaris that if u push it to the red line it just bounces back so i don't think there is a lot of damage you can do, most of them are limited but there is little point in having an engine and only using say 75% of it all the time Mat
  23. so how do i get the grills off the speakers in the dash to change them or how do i do it? Mat
  24. Toady


    Hi Right, i have fitted dynomat to the front doors of me yaris GS to try and remove some of the rattles, its helped a lot, but its still got a slight rattle by my right shoulder (as its just plastic sheet). Anyone else got this problem? and how do i fix it? Its fine with the radio, but anything else and it just rumbles, what do i do??? Mat
  25. I got one of the original ones about 2 weeks after the uk launch, its fine, i am just changing the sound in it cause its starting to rattle and as its a 99 one its not got a warranty. As a first car i find it great (although i did learn to drive in a 1.3 starlet). My only complaints with it i think i caused by wanging it into a transit van on the 4th lane of the m6 but they fixed it and no-one was hurt (the air bags never even went off but thats cause it was less than 30 mph), so the gear box is a tad clunky and the front of the car (inluding the engine cause i smashed that up too) has done 20,000 miles and the rest has done 54,000. The engine is not that slow, its got more go than its competitors (corsa and saxo) but as pavlitos said, fill it with too much and it will grumble. Once the stickers are taken out of the back window its fine and goes well. Try and get what u can out of the dealer, they need to make there sales figures too!! buyt then, your gettin a car at the start of the month, maybe consider waiting till the end or middles to make sure they sell u a good deal. Mat
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