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  1. sheffield, england, earth, the universe
  2. sorry gaydon :!Removed!: (I'm not !Removed!, although domination sounds interesting!)
  3. how far is gaydom from sheffield? carlos
  4. put me down for 2 tiktok!! will(obviously send you some cash 1st ;) ) carlos
  5. tboy

    Yaris Fest 2004!

    i hear mansfield is easy to get to!
  6. anyone found these yet? looked all over the net myself, but no luck yet
  7. hi nash how much did they set you back? are they easy to fit? cheers carl
  8. tboy

    What's This?!

    always wondered what it was, it was in the car when i bought it cheers!
  9. whats the cheapest you'll do the blitz induction kit for? <_<
  10. tboy

    T Sport Badges

    my local dealer said £20-£30 each, robbin b :censor: s, will try another dealer at other end of town! cheers lee
  11. tboy

    T Sport Badges

    Hello boys and girls, Any idea where I can get some new T Sport badges for a yaris ts, some buggers nicked mine, and how much are they going to set me back, toyota dealer said £20-£30 each! anyone got any ideas?
  12. tboy


    wanna sell ur T Sport badge?, had mine nicked last week!!!
  13. please mail me if you find where to get em!!!