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  1. Try a search on yahoo for "revolution wheels". They have a site, but no prices... I'd be interested in some 13 x 8's if the price was right
  2. Hugo - the 4-spoke Revolutions are still available. The factory is 30 mins from my house.
  3. What a difference... so much meaner Redlines look sooooo good on a black car. I think I need some but they're big money aren't they? Your Corolla looks mint and will be beautiful with a blacktop in.
  4. KP60 Starlets and AE86's are both 4x114.3 PCD. Other cars with this fitment are old RWD Datsuns (eg Z's), Triumph and MG (4.5" PCD), Mitsi Sapporo's, 4-stud (early) Starion etc etc. Newer stuff like Nissan 200SX S13's have 4x114.3 studs but too much offset. Look to get offset around 0. MA61 Supra wheels are OK for cheap at 14x7, ET8. No UK models had factory electric windows as standard. And if you're lucky, your early car (A,B or early C reg) won't have a sunroof either.
  5. The UK cars only ever came with the multi-spoke 14" wheels or the rounded disc-type 13" wheels. If you've got the 13's, keep 'em for your Starlet! Any pics of your new Corolla?
  6. The stock rims aren't that ugly - they'd be OK if they were wider with less offset, so they didn't sit so deep in the arches. If you want to sell the stock rims, I'll buy them and collect them off you!
  7. The facelift 14's look lovely but are a bit narrow (6J), !Removed! offset (+21) and very heavy for what they are (~7kg). 13x6 looks a bit **** to be fair; you need at least a 7J with around 0 offset, especially on a 13" rim. AE86's have to have deep wheels. It is mandatory. I'd go for 13x8 in a Revo or Minilite/Superlite if you wanted 13's, with a stretched 175/60 or 185/60 rubber. You could maybe get a used set for about £250 if yer lucky, but they're rarely for sale as they're so popular with the Irish AE86 lads and Starlets as well. Insurance was never a problem for me - even when I was 17 with an '84 AE86 I was paying ~£700. Now I'm on about £380 TP a year, but I'm 25 with no accidents etc and full NCD.
  8. Sounds nice! Good price as well considering what they're worth now. There's always a few of us AE86ers at drifting events and always a load at JAE at Billing. Surrey isn't too far from me, in fact I'll be there tomorrow (Dorking), could meet up and talk AE86's if ya want?
  9. Hey B881 VYK... that number sounds familiar. White UK AE86 possibly? Not sure but it rings a bell. How much would shipping be (estimate) for a car? Your Corolla sounds awesome.
  10. Your car sounds very nice. Get used to people asking if it's for sale... If you want a standard OEM exhaust, I have a front pipe and rear section, both less than a year old and had very little use, almost as good as new. Don't pay £200 for a front pipe! That's ridiculous money!
  11. Hey Kev, I belive I've bought some bits off you before... dropping an AE86 door off for me in the middle of nowhere ring any bells? Anyways mate I'm after some more bits and see you have an axle and front struts? Very interested in those mate if you want to sell?
  12. As far as im aware, the 20v engine makes around 170hp on the test bench ie. with no water pump hooked up, no extra belt losses (alternator etc) and such. When its in the car with all the ancilliaries hooked up, i reckon you're looking at 140-145hp (at the fly) and thats when the engine is brand new in top condition... Could be wrong like, but thats always been my understanding. Paz Totally correct. Toyota are often guilty of bullsh!tting us in this rather cheeky manner. As for RAW's claims of consistent 165bhp.... is that on a specially mapped Omex or stock ECU? Is the Omex big money? I have seen finely tuned, near stock blacktops can make around 150-160bhp with aftermarket ECU's (eg Freedom, Haltech, Motec, Megasquirt) and plenty of tweaking time. Mine probably makes around 140bhp at a guess from feel and comparisons from past 16v AE86 experiences. That's stock, with only funnels and a !Removed! 4-1 manifold, with a dodgy wobbly front-mount dizzy kit (Garage Annex rip-off). Still, it's a lot smoother and more spread out (VVT) than a 16v. DLI will certainly help a little, and careful fine tuning can yield a few more ponies. Good luck with it and I hope you get over 160bhp; that's more than enough for a lightweight 'Rolla! Let us know how you get on.
  13. What management you going to run? Don't mean to ***** on your fireworks like, but even with mappabl£ manag£m£nt, don't bank on 170 ponies on a stock VVT'd 20v..... Will still be class though. Are you going DLI?
  14. Nice spot. I wonder how much an AE86 would make in that state......?