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  2. Not I haven't managed to get it... Im rather skint at the moment to splash the £330 asking price. Once my situation changes or I get a cheap alternative from somewhere I will do so. Did you have an option for me? Many thanks for writing back!
  3. Many thanks for your reply, I have been calling all Toyota garages and things are looking up! Once again many thanks,
  4. Just called Lindop Brothers Toyota; there is a chance that they will get it for me. They however, need a bit more info, so fingers crossed. Many thanks for your help!
  5. Hi everyone, I am desperately looking for a rear screen for Cressida Saloon car of 79! Some !Removed! threw a brick at the car shuttering the screen of a perfect classic. I phoned everyone I could think of but to no avail. This forum is the only hope I have of getting this beauty road legal again. I welcome ALL bits of info.
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