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    '53 Corolla T sport, 5 door with lowered springs and side skirts

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  1. 786 Dont mention it lol Glad you liking the car, however, spare a thought for me, I am now having to drive around in Ford C Max
  2. Hello....yes it was !!

  3. Hello..by any chance is/was ur plate GU53 DFF?I'll be waiting for ur reply thanks

  4. Hi Anatoli, I currently drive a 03 T Sport but I am also considering buying a T180 verso as I need a bigger family car but would also like a bit of that performance I am so used to with my T Sport. What is that 2.2d engine like? Is it as quick as the figures make out? In terms of engine noise also, is it very loud on the motorways? The T sport I drive at the moment is great but driving on the motorway is quite tiring as the engine is so loud even when just cruising.....
  5. If you're interested, here's a pic of my pre-facelift 5 door T Sport. Its been lowered with TTE springs, sideskirts and painted front skirts
  6. I dont think the uk model shows the time and temp on the radio display....not sure though if there is a way to enable it ??
  7. Brakes locked? Did your ABS not work? At least you haven't got an expensive repair bill tho! :) No, I felt them bite and lock. I'll have to investigate it but as everyone knows, the weather is pap and I ain't got a garage :( My ABS and VSC have been working overtime these last few days......thats because I've got the whip out and been pushing them hard The handling of the T Sport has really impressed me in these conditions !!
  8. Nice one...I like you number plate too.....what kind of style Is that called ?
  9. Actually, thats a good point....leave it as it is........and will increase the surprise factor with other drivers :P
  10. Maybe they need to change this on 'Parkers' website too ? They still state the 0-60 as 8.1.....which is slower than the Focus ST170
  11. Nope not me.....went to the doctors last week, said to the doctor I've got custard and jelly stuck in both ears. Doctor said nothing to worry about, you're just a trifle deaf.... I'll get my coat....
  12. I once managed to get 20 miles after my light came on... I could have had a few more miles but I chickened out and filled up :D
  13. :drool: :drool: :drool: Thats it...I've decided - my next car will be a black ST ! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. haha i use my iphone on toc aswell butits difficult to use grrrrrrrrrrrr! the hardest part for me is the space bar cause I always hit v likevthisvandvits annoying! I got an iPod touch, writing this message on it now ! B)
  15. I also got Burnout Paradise which is also good online..... B)
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