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  1. Thanks, It feels like its coming from somewhere else but i have not checked if it is worse when heaters on or not but will check, i think it is all the time
  2. HI All (Again) In my 2003 t3-s 1.8vvti my Cigarette Lighter has stopped working i did try to remove it but broke the orange plastic surround thingy, does anyone know how to remove the centre console/ashtry/Radio part so i can get access to fit a new one. Thanks
  3. Hi All, I have a 2003 t3-s 1.8vvti it is currently on 98k and i have a problem. my heaters work and get very hot so much so i cannot keep my hand in the airflow for long when they are flat out. BUT when i go round corners i get a BIG WOOSH of COLD AIR from somewhere which then dissapears when i straigten up. I have had a new engine bottom end fitted under warranty a few months ago due to excessive oil consumption, a new steering colum fitted at the same time as this was a recall by toyota. I have NO IDEA about where this cold air is coming from and really havent noticed it until this spell of cold weather... Please can anyone help Thanks
  4. HI All, So i have been to my local toyota dealer, they topped up oil and told me to come back after 500 miles, which i did i used 1 litre in 545 miles. A new engine has been ordered and is going to be fitted on the 17th..... Good result.....thanks to all for the info
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    B) HI All Sorry to be on here again but this is very addictive. whilst searching around on the net i saw an Avensis with lower front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoiler. but have not seen it since... Now that i have slightly matured a bit my boy racer days of 3 million spotlights and exhausts big enough to hold a toyota fest in have started to subside, i still appreciate the sporty look but classy rather than tacy. So can anyone tell me if this is some kind of avensis beast produced by Toyota or is it someone with similar taste to me... Has anyone modified their Avensis. if so please contact me as im struggling to find tasteful products if any at all. cheers Ian Or Have I
  6. Hello, far from me to suggest something like this but what about putting a hammer through it and claim on insurance with excess around £50 it sounds a lot easier than finding and fitting seals and soldering bits, by the time you buy a seal at what £10 to £20 and spend time and effort i know what i would do!!! Sorry im all out of sensible answers at the mo...... good Luck Ian
  7. Oh great!!!! I have a full service history but some of it is not Toyota... I will check my oil and if it persists try my luck at my dealer....
  8. HI All im new to this forum and toyota`s in general. i have recently bought an Avensis T3s 2003 03 plate, 1.8vvti on 85k, since having it i have noticed a slight engine tap and thought i better check oil level only to find no level it didnt even register on the dip stick. so i thought i better top it up and went and bought a litre of magnatec only to find it needed another litre. since the top up it sounds nice and quie again. i have read some items on here about new short engines due to excessive oil consumption. i will of course check the oil very regularly now but could do with some exact info on this because if i need to get a new engine then i feel i must act soon.... Please Help.....i thought toyotas were indestructable...
  9. Hi Again. Just read your post SHY, looked at the website and the system i have is a 4 sensor rear only (im tall and can see the front) 4004 Reverse Parking Sensor Kit 4 Round Recessed Sensors LED Digital Display & Audible Alert Next Day Delivery £89.99 including VAT and delivery This Item cost me £23 to my door in 3 days. ok it took my 3 hurs to fit it but that was at leas 90 mins deciding where to put the display on the dash the connecting and routing cables is 30 mins max but did take time measuring sensors i will post a pic if you like just dont know how yet ....lol Just out of interest which one did you have SHY and where did he put the LED DISPLAY ?? THINK I MIGHT START FITTING REVERSING SENSORS £175 A TIME
  10. Hello Phil im NEW too but as you have just asked about reversing sensors im your man. i have had my Avensis t3s 2003 1.8 for 3 weeks now and love it, but when looking for a parking sensor i found some on EBAY my car is silver and the sensors i have came in black or silver even though they are paintable, ready painted silver was just the job. this was a very easy item to fit, place display module where required on dashboard, run cable along to the boot, i just tucked mine in the dash and sill covers. there are four sensors and you need to take your time marking them or they will turn out a bit wonky. the kit includes a whole cutter for the bumper of the correct size, so drill four holes and feed wires into boot then connect them to the control box they just push in.as does the wire from the display and the power wires just push in too, the power wires are one to earth and one to the live feed for the reverse light. so when you put the car in reverse the sensors come on and go off when you take it out of reverse. If you want phontos and advice on how to do this the e mail me @ ianjames75@aol.com the ebay item number for the sensors i bought is here ----> 370023399617 (just copy and paste number into ebay search