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  1. Brooner


    Where do you get it !!
  2. Hi Guys That Blitz exhaust that was posted from the cat back seemily doesnt exsist. I called fensport today who told me it was not available only back box. :censor: :ffs: :censor: Does anyone have a number or company i can get one from. Sorry to keep posting this exhaust problem but we need to establish if there is a cat back one available. Cheers again Brooner
  3. Brooner


    Superb Jerry That looks wicked, i spoke to Fensport last week who explained to me trhat there was no exhausts from the Cat back for the Yaris, i cant believe that. Are you going to order one, i thinks i might join as a gold member and see if i get a discount, but i will be getting one. Also do you know anyone with that exhaust. And How loud it would be. Brooner
  4. Jaxx I have phoned about th HKS Hiper, and was told they only do a back box,do you think the noise would change dramatically with only a box, the toms looks quality and i take it from the picture is from the cat back, i dont know weather to get a box for about £300 or wait until there is a full system or from cat back for the same money Cheers Brooner
  5. Steve I have honestly called about and there are no companies that do Cat back, may be i'm calling the wrong people Brooner
  6. Jerry From the Lisst what one is from the Cat Back. I have looked and looked and i can only find back boxes. It a :ffs: :censor: nightmare to find Cat Back Exhausts for YTS Do you know someone that does Cat back or will it be custom made. Cheers mate Brooner
  7. Brooner


    Jerry I cant find any exhaust from the Cat back, i can only find back boxes, can you help. Cheers Brooner
  8. Is it deffinetly for Yaris Though !! Brooner
  9. Brooner


    Tom Keep me updated with your ideas and stuff i only have an induction kit in, but like to know about any ideas and new products. Keep In touch Mate. Brooner
  10. where! How much , and how do you get IT !! Brooner
  11. Brooner


    ;) Hi Macca I got my Induction Kit from Fensport, they are based in Cambridge i think. I'm in Glasgow so got it posted up. was with me in about a week, Nice noise after 4K RPM was about £160(inc VAt) that was for my 1st Tsport back in 2001, i have kept it and have also put it on my new one. It May be cheaper know I think Surrinder had a few problems with his Blitz, but the HKS has all the fittings for your air flow censor. If you go to HKS Europe website you will get all the UK distributors that sell them, hopefully one close to you. have you got any mods on your YTS. Brooner ;)
  12. Brooner

    Booster Tuning

    Cheers Lads!! I appreciate that. Brooner ;)
  13. Brooner


    Jerry I really appreciate that. Great run down. I realy do fancy the Hiper Muffler.what one did you eventully get. and was it just the back box. Cheers Brooner ;)
  14. Has anyone checked out Booster Tuning, i called the Ireland office as i was wanting a price on parts, there doesnt seem to be a reseller in the Uk. has anyone Got any parts from them, the website looks good, some real good products. Brooner
  15. Brooner


    rhaines Do you think i would get better performance from other companies rather than TTE, i will have about £300 and would fit it myself. Whats the score becoming a gold member and would you advise it. Somone Mentioned the HKS Hiper Muffler 94mm, whats your views. but i can only get a exhaust from the Cat down as there are no Full systems, i was also hoping for a manafold. Brooner