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  1. Hi, I had a 02 Corolla T-sport for about two years but sold that as I needed a diesel. So I have a few quid to buy a second "neo classic" and have my heart set on a Mk1 MR2. They're not very common in Ireland and have only ever seen one or two on the road. Anyway, this one has caught my eye, what you guys think? :- ********snip SOLD Hope its ok to post a link to the car, if its not please delete. I just want the experts opinions here on it. I know the wheels are not original but other than that it looks ok....maybe needs a new exhaust and the front drivers wing may have rust. Thanks
  2. bought my 02 with 93k on the clock, sold it with 123k on it. Only thing that went was the heater matrix, but got a secondhand one from a scrappy!
  3. I just had a new (second-hand) matrix fitted and its solved my similar problem. A new one from Toyota cost €450, i got mine from a breakers for 50... I had tried cleaning it but it started leaking coolant into the passanger footwell soon afterwards. The dirt/limescale seemed to be holding it together.
  4. I've never needed to top up my 02 T-sport with oil between services and theres now 120k miles on the clock. When you're testing it, just make sure you let it warm up to normal, then give her some welly and you should feel a real surge of power ("lift") when it reachs 6.3k revs! Other than that just do the normal checks when you're buying any second hand car... Edit:- make sure the heater works and gets fully hot... Some have had problems with inside rads...
  5. Nah, i want a DSG gearbox in the next car so that limits the choice a fair bit! @CorollaD4d, A GTD would be nice alrite but my budget only stretches to 14k euro unfortunately... Yeah the Passat ticks all the boxes except handling, which is fairly important to me. I'm torn!!
  6. If you're on a budget, I got Koni springs(35mm drop) and a strut brace from ebay....huge difference in the handling! http://www.dcdezign.com/cheap/82394/toyota/koni/lowering-springs/1020-6145.html
  7. Hey lads, after 2 1/2 years with it i've decide to sell up and get some torque... I cant decide between:- 05 GOLF GTI DSG - fun, bit too common though 08 Seat Leon FR 200bhp DSG - same fun but newer and 2-3k more, bit of a sleeper 06 Passat 2.0TDI DSG(140bhp, but would get remapped to approx 170) - pure comfort, quick enough, every extra...and by far the cheapest to buy AND run... I know its wrong but i'm thinking the passat...
  8. Bad news for me lads. The heater matrix/rad/core is bust. A new one costs 475euro + vat!...and only toyota make them! Managed to find a crashed 03 corolla in the local scrapyard and ordered the rad from it for 50squids. Hope to god it works!!
  9. Thanks for all the replies lads. Left it with my mechanic today, he'll be having a look at it tomorrow. Got a lovely italian machine as a replacement! Anyone know if theres a 1998 Punto owners club??? It's actually embarrassing! ha
  10. Anyone have this problem before? My coolant is leaking into the right side of the passenger footwell, seems to be coming from a silver metal pipe above(i'm guessing the hearter matrix is burst)... So anyone know how much this is gonna cost, and how long i'll be without the car?? Can't get to my mechanic untill wednesday...
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    04 Tsc

    I can recommend these:- http://www.dcdezign.com/cheap/82394/toyota/koni/lowering-springs/1020-6145.html Koni's with a -35mm drop, had them fitted a while ago and have had no problems...even on ****ty irish back roads!
  12. Wouldnt be postin my name and address on the interweb.... Keep up the good work by the way!!
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    Any use? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Toyota-Coro...sQ5fAccessories
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    Looks like this has solved my heater problem (for the moment anyway)!! Drove home around 6am this morning, about -1 outside, and had to face the vents away from my hands as it was too hot...never had that problem before!! :D
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    Yup, heat from all vents as expected even when fans are set to max - a big difference! Good luck if you try this also. Tried this today and there is a definite difference in the heat!! I followed morgie's post step by step, when i was done i drove 3 mile home with the fan and heat on max. I had to turn it down as I was getting too warm. During the initial flush, before i used the Mr Muscle, i noticed the liquid was quite milky looking... So haven't given it a proper test yet, but there is a definite improvement. Will know tomorrow when i'm up at 5am to work...will let ya know how that goes!! p.s. i had posted a while back that I got the heat back after bringing it to the mechanic, but this only lasted a few weeks and was only a small increase in heat. Hopefully this will last longer. Thanks again morgie!!