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  1. I am running on Michelin Pilot Sport, but I get the feeling it was designed by the French for the French climate as the grip drops off in Autumn to Spring in the UK more so than Goodyear designed for a similar climate found in Japan. So it depends on what you can get hold off. If like me you could not get hold off Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance then go for the Michelin Pilots. The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance are bit more comfortable and softer round the side walls as well. Unlike other brands, I find both these makes keep their grip and comfort down to end of life.
  2. I really want it but not in position to buy. It's a future Japanese classic and your mum may have the finest example! I know Porsche owner who has this for tootering around town and these are buyers you can target. Come to think of it I do this as well but my other car is not a Porsche. So impossible to value. If I had to put a value with a gun against my head I would say £5000 but advertise for more. The MPG to performance ratio can not be matched by any newer car as they all weigh more than a tonn.
  3. Ok further testing I can conclude only V-Power gives the 1.5 a noticeable boost and change in engine tone when pushed. This is not because of the RON as non of the 1.5 engines are adaptive but because of the performance boosting adetives Shell add to compensate for less calories when increasing RON. This engine unlike my Honda 1.8 makes use of the adetives. It's certainly not placibo.
  4. I am supprised there are are still T-Sport owners with the expensive 185. The grip will be better not cos of width, but cos there are better tyre choices in 195/50/15. Best I had for grip was Goodyear Excellence Sport. Now running with longer lasting Michelin Sport 4 that are not as grippy until warmer months they had been designed for in France. Come to think of it there are no potholes or uneven roads like the UK so the side walls are too stiff and jaring but I am old. You will also be a fraction lower to the ground making it feel better. Your Speedo maybe ever so slightly out but not that anyone will notice.
  5. No one had a faulty scv but updating it with bigger one and the software provided a hack to resolve the starting issue that remains unknown. It fixed the sytoms permanently but not the fault. But that works. So it is worth doing if the car is worth keeping. You need an official Toyota garage to do the software and you need to speak directly to them and tell them before carrying out the work as they need to do the software. The bulletin number (for their computer with instructions) for software update and the scv somewhere in this forum. I could not be bothered to get it done as my car was older than yours and so scrapped mine for nice Honda petrol. I totally fell out of love for Toyota D4D.
  6. Good read. I opted for CrossClimate+ on the other car. Had no snow yet, but the standard summer grip is good and so is comfort. Comfort is not reviewed and nor is end of life grip. Also these reviews will not include ice or damp conditions.
  7. If you thinking about a niche product, it won't have the years and spend of the R&D of toothpaste. If you want something harsher then whitening toothpaste is an option, but you don't need it. Mine was yellow and failed MOT. If you want to spend money find some protection after the clean... Perhaps some wax or plastic UV protection
  8. I had not considered grinding metal on metal!!!! I thought bushes are purely to prevent overly shaking the car to bits hence solved the issue with some Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. They are worn on the rear suspension arms and I guess I dont want to have to replace the arm itself. A repair for next summer when I have some money, money, money.
  9. Push, hold and turn clockwise. Do not unplug anything. Put all the force into pushing. All technique.
  10. What I want to know is could I just ignore paying £180 and buy luxury tyres instead of sport tyres to compensate? That’s what I have done and ride is no longer hard. Is this an ok idea or should get them replaced. The car is old an 2001 T-Sport that I don’t want to sell with 110k on the clock. I do clearly see one bush under the suspension spring is pretty much slid off.
  11. Push, hold and tern. Trick is not to pull but push. Do not disconnect wires or boxes imho, instead get less butch hands to do the job.
  12. I have a T-Sport 2001 model (MK1) and can now change the light bulb in 2 minutes. 1. Do NOT do any of the steps in the above posts (i.e. dont disconnect the wire, use tools etc...) 2. Simply put your hand in and push forward hard, hold and turning clock wise. Most people try and pull it out and this will not work... just push and turn. If your hands are too big against the battery then get the wife/partner to do it.
  13. I never liked the MK1 Auris and bought a Verso for the family. I also have an older Yaris. The Auris is much nicer on long journeys than a small car and you feel refreshed after driving it and not knackered like in a small car. But I never really liked the Auris and it's silly small boot in order to give too much space for passengers. Its wobbily backend and cheep looking plastics and seats.
  14. Ok an update on this. For the past year or so I had been driving this car like an idiot and had it serviced a couple of times and there is no sign of these issues. I presume something was getting bloked be it a filter that got changed during service or becuase I had been pushing the car very hard and it cleared something. But the issues are all gone now!
  15. I have a 2.2 Verso and previously had 2.0 Auris and when I inflate to the recommended pressures the front tyres always look flat and on most types of tyre. Is this right? I need to inflate to at 40psi for the sidewalls not to bulge and look like my Petrol cars. I compromise at 38psi on the fronts. On cheaper tyres 40psi+ used to result in less grip however now I use premium Goodyear I am not concerned about this. The higher pressures feel better on premium compounds. So my queastion is are Toyota’s tyre pressure recommendation incorrect for heavier bigger engines?
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