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  1. Thanks for that Jon. I did have a parcel on the back seat, so I guess I have now learnt a little more about my Auris.
  2. Hi, could someone please tell me what the red lights/images mean when they are lit up under the Air Bag Square on the left of the Dash. They are lit up when I switch on the ignition, for a few seconds. But they haven't been before. Many thanks Diane
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I'm not 6' so not a problem for me and that's why I didn't notice it. Maybe I will have to sell up and get something more suitable for others who share my car.
  4. I love my new Auris. But I bought it to replace my Corolla thinking it was like for like. Not so. The Auris is sleek, purrs well, but anyone over 6feet tall - beware. The front seats don't accommodate tall people, or those with long legs. So I have a question - how easy is it to get a different type of seat slider put in so that legs don't have to stay uncomfortably bent during the drive, and would this be breaking any warranty rules? Thanks for reading this.
  5. Hi, I have a toyota auris 1.3 2015- and I have a problem with the tyre pressure warning light. My tyres are ok, so how can I reset this light. Where is this function on my car please?
  6. No, there is a square which tells you which airbag is on permanently. The passenger side on the left doesn't show on.
  7. Thanks for that. But can't understand - have checked, it is already on. But on the dash it says it is not. Any idea why?
  8. Auris Icon 1.33 - 2015 - Hi could someone please help. I have no idea where the activation switch is for the front passenger airbag. I have looked on the passenger seat, but can't see it anywhere. Could some kind person please put me in the right direction. Thanks Diane
  9. Thanks to everyone for their input, and especially to Devon Aygo who detailed everything I needed to know. I shall be looking at that today. Diane
  10. Hi, I am a new Auris Owner, formerly a Corolla fan. And am having difficulty working out how the heater works. How to get hot air into the car instead of Air Con. I do have a manuel, but this is for several types of Auris - Mine is the Icon 1.33. Can anyone help please?