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  1. just looking at a 2nd-hand 2002 1.8VVTi - as a possible replacement car. Anyone know if there's a simple (preferably visual) underbonnet check to quickly determine whether the car's been treated to a replacement short block (presumably due to the dreaded oil-burning problem) - or if it's still got the original one (that presumably will, at some time, suffer from the aforementioned problem!)
  2. For what it's worth, spannerchuck - I agree with you. This problem is now so well documented to be a DESIGN issue, having BUGGER ALL to do with maintenance (or lack thereof) - as evidenced by the many people with log-books full of service stamps (thus proving that they've fully observed Toyota's own maintenance schedules) who've had short-block changes 'on-the-house'. SO how can an apparently "perfectly maintained" vehicle, "certificated" by it's fully-populated log-book, suffer from a problem that is in any way down to poor maintenance? Sorry - but I completely fail to see the relevance of service history when the issue is very well known to be a design flaw.surely Toyota are being somewhat less than honest about this. Whilst ormi's point about servicing holds (only NO-ONE gets a stamp for doing their own oil checks....) - I disagree that Toyota have been "good" to people: ultimately they've sold a product that's not fit-for-purpose as it's doomed by design to fail in only a fraction of the lifetime that should be expected. If they were properly honourable, they'd just fix it - no questions asked. Bottom line, spannerchuck : sadly it's very unlikely the Toyota !Removed! are going to help you. Touch wood, my '52 1.8VVTi estate is still looking ok at 59k; but I'm now keeping a very watchful eye - and will sell it quick at the first sign of increase in oil consumption. A disgrace that this is what Toyota has come to; they used to be legendary in terms of longevity....
  3. Kingo's point true - and accepted. But..... In my experience many places are just trying to get work out of you. In particular - my local Toyota dealer are skanking ba$t&rds and will never be having my motor in again. After my last service/mot (Dec-08, approx 52k) the report was 'your front pads and discs have had it - need replacing immediately'. With a quote for £370-odd if I remember right (actually I threw it away in disgust....) Well I went home and whipped the fronts off cos I couldn't quite believe it - and found 7 to 8mm remaining on all pads. And absolutely no detectable lipping/scoring/grooving etc to the discs. Wear detectors start squealing at about 1-1.5mm by the looks of it. And here we are now 6000 miles later. I just had a minor tyre repair done - most tyre/exhaust/brake places are only too happy to give you a measure/condition on your pads/discs if you ask; they reckoned at least another 1000 miles in the pads, and the discs both measure 25mm thickness with no damage. Minimum thickness is 21mm AFAIK. So what are MrT trying to pull? Bought EBC pads for £20, will fit myself if it ever stops raining........ I wonder how many people would have just gone 'ooooo sounds serious PLEASE take my money'.......
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