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  1. :) looking good mate! from malta too here.
  2. Well that'd be just great!! hehe but i doubt it. i'm not sure exactlywhat model etc so i have no clue if it's a touchscreen. I'll know more when it gets here :D ....in about 4 weeks
  3. hahaha right you are... too small to get lost.... which is probably why they havent made a map yet! lol got a feeling its gonna be a !Removed! to get it working hehe! maybe i'll find a japanese guy to help me out with the symbols
  4. hahaha NUTS!! :) can't wait to see a few pics seein as i wont be there to see it at pod! :(
  5. oh ye! lookin goood. v nice job.... needs some tire foam :)
  6. it's been done mate!.... no reason you shouldnt be able to do it. i haven't done this myself but i'm sure someone on here has, and will be along to help!
  7. hey guys... not quite sure which forum i belong in now i'll be receiving a 2003 toyota ist coming from japan within the next few weeks... and there aint an IST forum hehe probably cos no one on here owns one! :o so if u guys will have me i'd luv to stick around in here :D havent got the car yet and got a question!... its got a flip out screen installed with sat nav (pretty useless cos we dont have the map for my country yet!).... BUT i was wondering if i could hook up the screen to a dvd player anyway? i've heard mixed stories about doing this... it'll be a funny branded japenese one so wont be too user friendly for me to mess about with.... anyone has any experience in this field? any help greatly appreciated
  8. No mate i dont beleive it's the sport version... its a 1.3 engine, and ye i beleive its the same as the yaris one. alot of things borrowed from the yaris actually!! i see more every time i examine the car. they are great cars i had a closer look at one. i do like them alot and amm 99% gonna have mysef one in a couple of weeks :) ...got a black one coming in from japan which should look sweet! Can't wait! They come with navigation screens, of unknown brands and all in japanese... does anyone know if its possible to hook a dvd player up to one of these at all?? :(
  9. :P guess not... i just ran a little search... I beleive its called the "Scion xA" in the U.S.
  10. Its a 2003 model! hehe would have got there by now if they had intention of gettin it i think!
  11. Am considering buying one of these and wondered if anyone on here has one? or had one? They're a jap model, not sure what the european name is Also they've got a lot of bits off the yaris too... hmmm :D
  12. Insurance companies are the devil here's a pic of the actual Will VS I was lookin at: Its in great condition. Though the insurance ppl are givin me a hell of a rough time! Will keep u all posted :) Wish me luck!
  13. sweet! ....very nice and tidy work! nice job :) :)
  14. Wicked mate! some gret pics in there! Thanks alot :) Am waiting for an insurace quote on the Will VS.... if it doesnt cost a bomb i'm going for it!
  15. lol right you are!!.... roads r sh!te and drivers do as they please!
  16. Insurance is a problem i'm afraid.... am 21 years old and anything larger than 1.5 or more than 12k would be just a silly premium to pay! So i'm afraid i'm not in the performance area yet.... when i turn 25 then i'll re-evaluate :)
  17. Styx II had closed a while back...they re-opened Styx on the upper level of Axis Discotheque. Might I say they did an awesome job too! The decor is really wicked and futuristic. I've got a few pics at home i'll try post em when i get back! :)
  18. Hey mate like the pics...thoughi think i prefer the black on it.... actually the one i was looking at was white... looks nice too. like the car more everytime i look at it. pics would be nice!.... think u could sort out a zip file and send to matthewsammut@gmail.com ? not sure if it allows u to send zips.... if thats the case rename the pics.zip to pics.000 ....and i'll rename back :) that'd be great! cheers
  19. Yep... havana and Styx and Axis are the top clubs around... though we have more than enough to choose from!! lol Glad you enjoyed your stay! ye im very sad to see her go.... but am just thankful i wasnt hurt. and yes i'm very very tempted for the will.... looks sexy :) here's a few piccies Gnome vitz and yaris are the same model!.... u meant the Will VS?
  20. Thanks mate. Yep.... alot of modded cars here.... though alot of them aren't tasteful! But many are... and alot of work go into those. When they go all out they go ALL OUT hehe!. The tax is rediculous!! makes it a nightmare to import from anywhere else but japan! Oh well... gotta live with it. :) What were u doing here in Malta?
  21. Here's the story... Other thread just wanted to post here too to thank u guys for all the help u gave me over these last 3 years!! Am definately sticking with toyota though. am currently looking at the 2003 Toyota Will VS... a really sweet car and very scarce too! but for the same price i could get a brand new yaris T3. decisions decisions! Edit: Here's some pics of the will vs by the way... Will VS Its a 1.5vvti engine and looks tastey :) but then again its not new.... what do you think?
  22. Hey guys and girls. Its been a while since i've posted now. Doesnt mean I havent been readin though! :) Unfortunately i don't have good news... well actually it is good news cos I'm still able to walk! Had a very bad accident a couple months ago with the little Vitz. Afraid its a write off but I came out unscratched.... well crawled out really. Was a terrible experience but I've come to push Toyota forward to ANYONE who's interested in a car. There really ain't anything better. I will and am certainly missing her... especially all the work I put into it. But I'm now faced with replacing her. My choices at the moment are these and was hoping that you all as toyota owners could gimme some feedback.... 1) An imported Toyota Will VS 1.5vvti - GBP 12,400 2) New Toyota Yaris T3 1.3vvti - GBP 11,800 3) New Toyota Aygo 1.0vvti - GBP 9,700 I'm really in love with the will but would like everyone's opinions and advise! I know y'all are a lovely bunch so.... what to do?
  23. yupp... lurvley little motor! welcome to TOC :D
  24. Yeah! it gets dirty v quick when it rains!.... good thing it doesnt rain SO much here :D
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