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  1. Hi does anyone know if Wefa adapter reviewed by KonradC, would work on B9010 sat nav unit? never mind. Ordered it and tried it myself. It does work with B9010.
  2. Hi does anyone know if Wefa adapter reviewed by KonradC, would work on B9010 sat nav unit?
  3. Hi there. Doeas anybody know if you can install 4 bike carriers on genuine Toyota Avensis Roof bars (Avensis Hatchback 2003-2008 Roof Cross Bars PZ403-T3613-GA)? Well, of course you can do it, but the question is, would it be enought space for those 4 bikes? Or, maybe the better option would it be, going for Thule roof bars, which are longer. Regars Tom
  4. Hi. I've got 2004 TSpirit with DNS 310 and my Audio Link (same as Xcarlink- even looks the same) works fine wit it. Regards Tom
  5. Hi there. Does it charge Iphone as well? Regards Tom
  6. You can try this http://www.tte.de/cm_avensis_T25_Facelift_TF1.htm I've got a sporty boot wing on my 54 Reg Tspirit saloon. No difference bad or good spotted. I've bought my car with that wing and at the beggining I didn't like it at all, but you can get used to it. I quite like it now. The car looks different. I haven't seen any other Ave with that wing in my city :) Regards Tom
  7. Tom, Looking at the manual, I think the resonn why the beepers are quite is because they are located inside the NSR quarter..Might be an idea to re-locate them to under the Glove box if possible? Ive also found (from the manual) that the addditional small box is the corner buzzer for the sensors... If the weather stays dry Im gonna attempt fitting them myself now as ive got all the info i need.... Don't really have enough time Jamy to relocate the beeper. My sensors are factory fitted and comparing to my previous Laguna with factory fitted sensors, Toyota's are way too much sensitive. Especially the corner ones. Regards Tom
  8. John, no need to subscribe Just click the link I gave and then click again on "SEARCH AIM" button and choose you model of toyota. You must have "Adobe Reader" installed on your computer to read manuals. You can dwnload it from www.adobe.com Enjoy Tom, How can you find anything about Avensis? it is not simply on the list of Models. Do you have to subscribe to find the necessary information (provided that one finds where Avensis is) or is it available in the free downloads? Thank you in advace! Cheers.
  9. I'm glad I could help. Regards Tom
  10. Jamy Have a look at http://techdoc.toyota-europe.com/Aim.aspx?menuitem=2 You will find a manual there, how to fit a parking sensor (and many others) The sensors are working fine in my Tspirit, maybe just a little bit too quiet. Regards Tom
  11. Hello. Just a quick (maybe stupid) question. I' ve got a TNS 300 unit in my T Spirit 2004. Can I upgrade it to full screen (pop up screen , not TNS700), I Believe it's TNS 500? I can buy cheap pop up screen, do I need to change DVD reader as well? I understand that I would need a new DVD disc for that screen. Thanks
  12. Tom, just a quick question. if I remove that bottom part of this facia will I get 2DIN space? Regards Tom
  13. Did anyone order this part? Does it fit a double din stereo ok? How much was the part? Looking to change the stereo in my 2006 T3x (although mine is MP3 compatible, and doesnt have a tape player! but it is rubbish and needs changing...). This facia should fit double din stereo, but not exactly. Ther will be a gap between the frame and stereo. On Polish Avensis forum one guy fitted double din JVC dvd player. I add a link. Finally he changed that toyota's frame adding some fiber glass or something similar. Looks pretty good. Sorry Red_Point. I didn't asky you for permission using your foto, hope you don't mind. And the link to the topic not sure if it will work. http://www.toyotaklub.org.pl/forum/index.php?topic=15167.0 Best regards Tom Hi Tom, I can get you a perfect fit facia panel for single or double din for the T25 in the next week or so contact me for more details Regards Mark Mark con you post some pictures? What price do you think about? Regards Tom
  14. I've got 54reg Avensis (not Mp3 compatible) and the stereo's got CD text from CD player, but you won't have CD text from CD changer even if your CD changer supports it. So if you buy any interface like connect2(which connects to cd changer slot), audio head unit won't support CD text. I've bougth Audio link which is Mp3 player connected to cd changer slot and id tag (cd text) won't be displayed on radio's screen, just the track number. Sorry for my English
  15. Thank's Askot. I've searched and didn't find anything. Very strange.