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  1. I had mine replaced yesterday, my local mechanic charged £33 for the belt and fitting. The manual says it should be checked at 6 years/60000 miles then at every 10000 mile interval. No mention of when to actually replace it
  2. The belt on the left side of the engine (aux drive belt??) on my 2007 1.4d4d is squeaking/squealing for a minute or 2 on a cold start, you can see it bouncing up and down while it is squealing and then it runs silent as soon as the belt runs smoothly. Can this be adjusted or does it need replacing? If so how much would the replacement cost? It has now covered 115,000 trouble free miles and returns 55mpg so i don't begrudge replacing it if that is necessary. Thanks
  3. My drivers side one touch window is not working, I have to keep hold of the switch to raise or lower it all the way. Also, the 'auto' light on the window switch is now flashing. Anybody know what the problem could be?
  4. The noise is more like a creaking or squeaking noise which seems to come from the actual pedal (not sure if it can be hears from the engine bay). It does make the noise with the engine off too. Does something need lubricating? Whereabouts could I spray some WD40?
  5. In a 1.4d4d? I am approaching 70,000 miles and have noticed a creaking sound when using the clutch. It changes gear ok and there is no slippage in the clutch, so is it wearing out or just a 'characteristic' of the car?
  6. Recently the 'oil maintenance soon' reminder has been showing on the dash display when I start my car up. How can I disable this or reset it? (I took it to a back street garage for the last service, 50k). Also, I have the 1.4 D4d, does this engine have an timing belt or chain?
  7. My Auris' clutch pedal has a lot of travel too.
  8. walfice

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    Mine is a 1.4 D-4d in Dacuma grey, '07.
  9. walfice

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    I picked up my Auris last week after owning an Aygo for 18 months and I'm very pleased with it so far. It's only the lowly T2 model so I have 2 questions: Is there a way to use the radio without having the key in the ignition? This was possible in the aygo but doesn't seem so the Auris (unless I'm missing something). Also, there is no lid on the centre console, is this available to buy seperatley and does it fit on without too much fiddling around?
  10. I'm thinking of trading in my aygo for a yaris d4d. I would appreciate any comments on the yaris d4d (good or bad). I'm looking at an '07 model, either a zinc or t-spirit. Am I right in thinking the extras on the spirit are climate, front fogs and keyless start? Have I missed anything? I had a test drive today (also drove a 207 1.6 hdi 90) and found the engine in the yaris very flexible and forgiving but no quicker than the 207 (eventhough the 0-60 time is 2 seconds quicker in the yaris.)
  11. The speedo can be seen from the passenger side on the mk2 yaris. I have just come back from a test drive in one, very nice it was too.
  12. February '07 aygo black 46,000. (I bought it in feb '08 with 5k on the clock) Had new brake pads at 30,000, new clutch at 43,000. Not too bad at all for a driving school car.
  13. Today the gears became much harder to select (even harder when I changed through the gears whilst stationary). And when selecting reverse there is a 'crunch' which isn't normally the case. Does this sound like the clutch is on it's last legs? If so will it be covered under the warranty (or at least get some contribution from toyota for the replacement)? My car has covered 43,000 and was registered 02/07.
  14. Is this an easy job? Is there a 'how to' guide anywhere (I did a search on here but couldn't find one)
  15. I have noticed the engine sometimes stutters just a little when the AC is on. If it stutters without the AC on then your spark plugs may need replacing.
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