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  1. Thanks for the super reply frostyballs Oh right. Sorry. I didn't realised this engine was used in so many of the Toyota ranges. mine is a 2.0 i didn't even know you can get a 2.4 version. Right, here is the info I have from the VIN plate. I hope this will give you more idea what I have. Model - CBA-AZR60G-BREEH Engine - 1AZ-FSE TRANS/AXLE - K111 - 03A I am just after info like if the air box on my voxy are the same used on the cars you have mentioned (for air filter when I need to service the car) Oil filter brakes and su
  2. Hello can anyone tell me a little more info about my car. I have a 2005 voxy AZR60 i need to know what parts does my car shares with the Toyota family. I know the engine is shared or taken from the avensis. I need to know others like air box, suspension, brakes, etc etc any help will be great. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the reply I do tend to use the folding mirrors a fair bit as I park near a junction (outside my house) and people fly around the corner!!! If there is a car coming up the road then people have to squeese past
  4. Hi Everyone Just a very quick and simple question My Japanese import toyota (2006) has a button to retract the mirrors. When I press it, only the driver side retracts. I thought this was normal because my 1992 toyota estima did the same (driver side only) I thought maybe because people tend to park on the streets in japan and park on the left so only the driver side is next to the road (so only the driver side needed to fold) I asked a question on the facebook group but fellow japanese members doesn't understand my question but someone did say both should fold. soooooooo. Is there anyway I can
  5. Yeah forgot to say, I have a friend who works in a motorfactor and I have given him the materia blueprint item number, Then I have given him the measurement and the sizes are completely different :( I also asked a ebay seller who was selling a K+N panel filter for the daihatsu materia and the maesurement was also different.. :( I think the info you have there is right, We do share the same engine but the problem is airbox is diiferent size
  6. Ah cheers. It looks pretty clean under there besides going abit grey. I will let you know about the filter if I am going OEM route. just checking my other options first and look into the materia side :)
  7. Thanks for your advice I am looking into getting a daihatsu materia kit as I believe they share the same engine but our air boxes are different size so I am not sure if the induction kit will matter. Just 1 question, you said. ''regular cleaning should see it lasting years on your mileage'' How do you clean the OEM filters? do you just hoover it?
  8. Can you tell me what sort of lifespan does a genuine one has? I do about 4000 miles a year so do you think this could last 2 years? or is it beat to change them every service? This is why I am looking into getting a induction kit as I can wash them and re-use the, But I am not sure which ones will fit.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply parts-king It's a 2006-7 Toyota bB
  10. Hello Can someone please help me. I am trying to find a air filter for my car as it's due for another service and last year I decided to skip this as toyota wanted too much for it. Toyota wants £50-60 for a OEM panel filter. I was hoping to spend a little more so I can re-use the filter in the future.... things like aftermarket panel filters or an induction kit. I am having a hard time finding a panel filter which will fit from other sources besides toyota. Can anyone help me? Or can somone tell me what other toyota models shares the same engine so I can go to that forum and ask there. Engine
  11. I don't have a Glanza but I think it will be very simular to my starlet GT. The light should be at the bottom of the fuel clock. It will light up orange and should come on when you just about to hit the bottom line.
  12. Sounds Ace. I remember you said you wanted to spray some parts of your car. Do you have any idea where I can post about my bB? (like rob's) Starlet is ok. it's been off road for over 3 years now.
  13. Nice!! what parts you getting sprayed? do you have a build thread on here? I can't seem to find members rides or showroom etc on here.
  14. Hey Paul. Keep up with the mods on the roller. kept my eye on it on djc
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