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  1. Is there some way that the rpm can be recorded/measured, if you could check the cold start rpm and then recheck it when trying to start from warm to see the difference, I think of the top of my head a diesel needs about 450 rpm to build up the heat required to start, this will rule out the cranking system .
  2. Worth checking the earth to the engine, maybe when it won,t start bridge a jump lead from the neg terminal on the battery to a good earth point on the engine block, worth a try won,t cost you anything.
  3. You say you checked the belt, have you checked the valve timing sounds like the belt has slipped a few teeth,you say the belt has just been done this may be a clue, carefully setting of the tensioner is needed, seen this happen twice before
  4. Good result, gear oil on a can says whet it is ,a gear oil , not a transmission oil. Quite often when draining a car on service I notice the color of the oil and you can see the copper / brass in the oil, you don,t get this with gl4 , it shows the wear it cause,s . All this is important to folks like myself who work on and are interested in classic and vintage vehicles ,the type of oil is important. Just worth mentioning that a gear oil and a engine oil SAE ratings are different ,this means that a 75/80 sae gear oil is about the same viscosity as a 30/40 engine oil.
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    Hi, I would suspect the turbo, if the turbo is disconnected ie the suction pipe is off and all is ok it must be the turbo or related pipe work, I has similar prob on a previa and had to make a decision as to what to do,the turbo on this car had only been on for a matter of months as a rebuilt unit by Toyota ,took the plung as a bas...d to fit ,started up and all was well,relief. The dealer will be able to do a test drive and record all systems on their lap top,it then will be a case of checking the date around 3000rpm and see what sensors have lost value,it will show all so can check all .
  6. Anchorman, The transfer uses a separate oil by what I remember,that's gl5 ,can,t picture it on the 4.3 but can on the 4.2 as I have a short socket to undo the hard to access drain bung.
  7. Hi, Toyota do a MT (manual transmission) gear oil in 1 litre size, this is what I use for some jobs in the w/ shop,it's called, LV MT 75 gear oil, and Is gl4 , this is enhanced selector lubricant which is to be used in all MMT gearboxes as well but you can bet your bottom dollar most garages stick the service oil in, more concerned with bonus than getting the job right.
  8. I don,t think it uses a bevel crown wheel like a rear diff would but like most transaxles uses a helical cut gear diff, these look like straight cut gears at a 45 degree slant, I think you can use gl4 in a low torque hypoid transaxle, The concern is using gl5 oils ,decided to have a nose on the net and came up with this which may or may not be of interest to you, interestingly it shows a worn baulk ring from a Toyota using gl5 it's interesting reading, Google , gear oil gl4 vs gl5 , top of page is a PDF, the difference between gl4 and gl5 .
  9. I can,t work out Toyotas view on gear oil as they use in service a GL4 / GL5 oil, that's what's on the tin, now when I went to school a GL 5 and a GL4 were different oils for different jobs, gl4 was not a hypoid oil so could not be used in diffs, and a gl5 oil being a hypoid diff oil normally would not be used in a gearbox , the normal gl5 destroys baulk rings,synchros, they are NOT soft metal compatible due to the high pressure additives, I would think about using a gl4 synthetic 75 w.
  10. Hi, I think on your lines here as the gear is selected and engaged when the engine is still on the throttle blip,this happens so quick the engine must be still be down revving when it's all locked back up ,I think this helps for a more comfortable change, On the MMT front I can,t think how the department of transport ever passed these for road use as I find them very unsafe and unsure,you just don,t feel you have the same control over it.
  11. hi, Whats happening is simple ,you have a short circuit ,ie a power wire is touching the car earth[body] whats not so simple is the cure, it depends how good you are with car electrics, at min you could do with a wiring diagram and then carry out a process of elimination. if you are not competent you are going to need the services of a dealer or a auto electriction.
  12. Changed three sets on the rear in as many weeks,some leaking quite bad,all three just out of warranty.
  13. Seems like to me that the car is driven in and then braked to stop,then when the car comes out the garage it reverse,s out also the touching the brakes,or visa versa, could this be a normal brake pad noise as the pad moves from one position to the other?try moving the car back and forth and brake at at each stop you should hear the pads clonking as they change direction.
  14. Hi, The Lexus Isf has a state of the art auto box and at the time of of its launch was the fastest changing box in production,this car blips the throttle on downshift, technical informed me that it was for sport sound reasons only and has nothing to do with syncing the gears as the engine is actually disconnected from tha box for a split second whilst this happens,the gear is already selected before the blip, all this takes place in I think off the top of my memeroy one thousands of a second,could be one hundreds of a second? Anyway quicker than you can blink.