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  1. Oxygen Sensors, What a great way of them making alot of money out of these, I have had my third Oxygen Sensor go this year. It has put me right off sticking with my Avensis 2.0, 02 plate. But what can you do, just keep paying out.
  2. - What engine is it (and what's it's mileage)? 2.0 VVT, 17,000miles - What oil is it (and what's it's mileage)? No idea on oil, what ever it came with. - Does the oil level drop? stays the same - What does "sometimes" mean (any additional observations, especially when the smoke occurs)? when first started, plus when car is ide at junctions and you pull away. - What's the smoke's colour (if it is really different than usual concerning both the amount and appearance)? Blue smoke
  3. Lo all, I have a question, I have a 02 Avensis and it can sometimes produce abit of smoke from the exhaust. I have checked the oil and it is abit black. In my last car the oil was abit more clear. Does this mean that the car would need an oil change or can I leave it until it until it gets its full service in 5 months time? I still can’t decide on changing the alloy on the car.
  4. It must cost alot to get your engines to look that good. :hokus-pokus:
  5. I was driving along in a straight line this morning, doing about 30mph. When I noticed that the VSC OFF and VSC light came on the dash board. So I pulled over turned the engine off and back on again and they havn't come on again. Should I worry?
  6. Hello, Just wondered if any body has come across this problem in there Avensis, When braking a bit heavy I get vibration through the stearing wheel? Thanks :hokus-pokus:
  7. :hokus-pokus: I think I will go for the GLS. Can't wait Might at different alloy's and spolier later on.
  8. Does the 2002 GLS model have 147bhp?
  9. :hokus-pokus: If you put a new stereo into the car, does it cause a problem with the sat nav, because I see the CD and Sat Nav are one unit? :!Removed!: As the GLS does come with a real spoiler, Can you get the same rear spoiler as on the SR? I have seen some websites that sell real spoilers but the do look different from the SR one. :group-cuddles:
  10. Avensis GLS and SR, I have been thinking about what one to go for, I see the SR is abit sporty, but only has 126bhp. Where the GLS has 147bhp? Why is that and does it make a different? What are the pros and cons of the GLS and SR?