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  1. Hello, I have searched quite a while for this answer does the old pre d4d diesel engine the 2C-TE have an interference or non interference engine? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
  2. hello, im planning a coolant change on my avensis is anyone aware of any special procedure of bleeding air from the 2.0td 2C-TE engine on refilling? manuals on this engine seem to be hard to get hold of. any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. The open door light does go on and ive tried it with all doors even the boot. just taking too long to put the shopping in the boot or looking for something in the car something simple like that you have to be ready with the key to press unlock again or the alarm will go off because its relocked then senses a door is open. the second time now ive locked the keys in is enough. if i wanted the car to lock id lock it. such a stupid thing. i want to do away with the alarm aswell because the cold weather last year was setting it off. id like to keep the central locking but get rid of this stupid relock.
  4. Hi i have a year 2000 Avensis, the central locking is the most idiotic thing i have ever encountered. if i unlock the car and do not put the key straight in the ignition it relocks. what reason would this ever be useful?? twice i have been in a hurry and unlocked the car put the keys on the seat shut the door to go to the boot and locked the keys in, people dont always unlock th car get straight in and drive away!. what if putting a child in the car seat then go to the boot, clunk, the child is locked in the car? is there a way to disconnect this idiotic pointless feature???
  5. i had the same thing a few years ago. the cheapest option was to take my existing starter motor to be reconditioned it cost me £65. job done. apparently there is a clutch in the starter that had worn. exactly the same symptoms as you fine cold starting but when the engine was hot the starter would spin but not turn the engine, after a few attempts it would work but eventually it gave up completely and the starter would spin quickly but not crank the engine no matter how many times i tried.
  6. There is a pipe that runs down the guttering i think from the sun roof, it is routed via the compartment where the jack is kept then to the outside. if you look underneath the car to the side of the bumper directly underneath the tool compartment area you will see this pipe sticking out. this gets blocked and the water cannot drain outside. try sticking a metal rod or long screw driver up there.
  7. Hello, my 2000 2.0td avensis old 2c-te engine. starts no problems 1st thing in the morning. but once the engine is hot, switched off and left for 20mins or so it takes alot of starter cranking time to get it re started. if i switch it off when its hot then immediately re start it fires up instantly! something happens in that 20mins, like the fuel lines lose pressure? i dont know, but then if the engine completely cools down its fine so its a mystery. can anybody please help? thanks
  8. all them diagrams are gone, toyota have put a stop to it, thanks anyway
  9. Hello, my 2000 w reg avensis 2c-te Engine starts really quickly when its cold but needs to be cranked over alot more before it will start when its hot. the engine does turn over so its not the starter or the ignition swich. Ive narrowed this fault down to a possibble fault with the ECT sensor, which are usually located near the thermostat housing. but cant see anything there, getting hold of a manual for this engine is near impossible. does any1 know where the sensor is? my best idea is the 1 in the engine block just above the starter motor, any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. W reg avensis 2.0 TD the old type not d4d, 160k miles on the clock 600 miles to a full tank really nursing it, or 530 miles if im hammering it up and down the dual carriage way, knocking about town ect