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  1. Was yours the Toyota TPA400? stop being a :censor: you know i didnt. I was talking about rust issues.
  2. [Parade Rain /ON] I wouldnt fit reversing sensors to the mk6 Hilux rear bumper even if you get the ones intended for pickups!! My mk6 bumper started rusting a few months after the sensors were fitted - rust all around the holes where the sensors fit. The bumper was swapped under warranty as it was all done by Toyota but the new bumper rusted within months too. After that i complained, got a third bumper and a refund on my reversing sensor kit. I went for a Meta system like this that mounts behind the number plate. No drilling required, no rusty bumper, no false alerts - recommend it 100% Dis
  3. manuals are pretty indestructible, brakes arent great on any model IMHO, and tow limit isnt the greatest. Only real negative is soft paint
  4. i can only talk about my experiences with a 3.0 auto. 22mpg over 60k Had a NavicD3 not the standard one and IMHO :D Towing - boiled the trans fluid several times and yes thats the max - *****e brakes :(
  5. mine was a 57 in black with auto - mpg 23, 28 if you drive like miss daisy. Paint really soft. Jasxpear will tell you the same thing about paint. and yes 15" wheels are tiny
  6. speak to Adam at www.sampsonsltd.com tell him gabbo told you about him he'll sort you a good deal and is great with mods too
  7. Dec 07 see signature for mods. rolling resistance kills the mpg, but dont expect to get more than 30 if you drive like miss daisy on a long run
  8. the new 5 speed auto im sure will be better, but the dealers i went to couldnt resolve it (1 hadnt even seen a lux auto before!) i got 22mpg from mine, coupled with servicing every 10k miles meant it became prohibitively expensive to run
  9. IMHO dont get the auto, mine boiled the trans fluid regularly and i know of another which blew the torque converter, and they're thirsty low 20's
  10. never had that on mine......had other faults but not that, i found the brakes were too weak to lock up in fact
  11. auto expect 23-25 manual 27-30 surf is an import and not made anymore
  12. get yourself on here mate wealth of knowledge http://www.elite4x4.co.uk/
  13. We dont get them officially but if you want a 4.0 v6, have a word with Adam Sampson at SVS who's got them for sale usually. How can I get in touch with him? or ring 01795 582870
  14. Ring Sampsons www.sampsonsltd.com ask for Adam, im a customer of his & can only recommend
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