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  1. hiya had great result with my sat nav syst thanx v much , but my boot hydraullics have just gone (i think) as the boot will not stay open on its own. Can anyone help as to whether i need to replace them or can they be repaired? as I am getting a bit fed up of the neighbours laffin at me being sprawlled out on the floor with bags of shopping everywhere rubbing my head! :ffs: any help will be gladly welcomed
  2. OMG! its a wonder i havent broken the cd player yet then! thank you soooooooooo much will av a bash at it 2morro!
  3. Hiya, new member, had avensis for 4 months, luv it but i cant get sat nav disc to work. please can anyone help. Not even sure if the disc is supposed to be loaded into the CD player, as it reads 'error' or if it has to go somewhere else!