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  1. im looking for aftermarket ones tho i know of brembo , black diamond and ebc ( no no no) preferable brands are ferrodo , pagid and mintex tbh any one know if a fitment is available cheers for your help anyway Bero
  2. P1692/39*3 (DI–127) OCV Open Malfunction (for VVL) Open or short in OCV circuit OCV for VVL ECM P1693/39*3 (DI–127) OCV Close Malfunction (for VVL) Open or short in OCV circuit OCV for VVL ECM what google says
  3. happened to me twice now , is a weird feeling , not even lack of boost , just no acceleration as you say , lift off throttle and re apply usually sorts it will mention at first service
  4. :@ linton see below http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...rt=#entry721744
  5. i was just wondering what brake pads everyone is running in their T sports / compressors , also , does anyone know of any other Toyota's that use the same pad , am hoping some companies dont do full lists of compatability , , have used ferodo DS in the past and i totally adore them any info is appreciated , Stephen
  6. cracking set of rollers there , my virgin compressor , 1800miles , made 218bhp and 188ft lb there the other week
  7. any links to the above two mentioned sites ?
  8. happy days , good results , which RR by the way whos the regional organiser for NI
  9. thats the right size could you have celica fronts , i think those are different , dunno how or why tho
  10. shelbourne in portadown is prob the best bet hursts own the dealer in dundonald too :(
  11. yea i must try a dealer , tho it wont be hursts , was just being lazy if anyone on here had it handy
  12. just after a bit of info does anyone know the price of a strut brace for a compressor....original Toyota item and secondly , when moving along at low / zero throttle position and then accelerating , is it normal to hear what seems like pebbles being thrown on a surface from the outside ( drivers window down) , is hard to explain , seems like grit being cast on engine under tray , i test drove a CTS and then bought my current vehicle and they both did it , weird , any info is appreciated stephen
  13. hello , just thought id say hello , 3 weeks ago i got an 06 t sport compressor in silver steel with (at the time) 109 miles on the clock , signed up for the usual reasons although at the minute theres been no major problems , none at all in fact , anyways , i'm Stephen , am 25 and am a electrical foreman, owned an 06 mk4 Ibiza in ovni yellow before this current stead , with the usual bits done along with a few special mods such as FMIC , quaife diff , 312mm brake kit ,and defi gauges , started looking at compressors after the recommendation of a friend who has a face lifted rolla T sport ( a member on here IIRC- L12NTY ?), missed out on a couple of cars until all the parts fell into place and this one came available . any hows thats it from me , so il let a few pics do the talking thanks for reading Stephen PS pics were mostly taken after I assisted 2 friends in detailing the car for a weekend , had the usual poor dealer wash techniques trademarks this Pic was taken last saturday at a rolling road day . with 1150miles on the clock the car recorded 117.9 and 184.3lbft of torque ( little touch of cvl turbo added to keep det at bay)
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