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  1. Hi can I get a quote for the below please? PW4051000101 and the scuff plates for the c-hr. c-hr yet to be received so can’t supply a reg as yet. Thanks J
  2. Sorry, I don’t mean the holes on the sensors I meant the black rings around the sensors. Sorry for not being clear.
  3. Hi all I’ve noticed some marks on my 2016 Yaris hybrid, not sure what they are but both parking sensors have them. any advice on what they are and anything I can do about it? Pics attached. thanks ! James
  4. Hi Wondering if anyone can shed some light on my issue? I have a 2012 yaris petrol. Twice recently I have parked up for about. 20 minutes after driving and the gone to start again but it won't start. The yaris makes a whirring almost like its blowing a raspberry. The dash lights come on and flutter. I can also hearing a ticking sound. After about 30 minutes it will start again. Any ideas please? Thanks James
  5. aygo_uk

    Leaks Database

    Hi I had an Aygo Blue 08. Leaks through the passenger and driver door - new seals fiited - New carpet Leaks through the rear doors - news seal fitter - new carpet again Leaking boot seal - boot would fill with water. After that rejected the car complained to toyota and exchanged for yaris. James
  6. Same on my 2010 Yaris. James
  7. Hi My understanding of double locking is basically if someone get in the car they couldn't unlock the doors from the inside. James
  8. aygo_uk

    Glove Box Lid

    The newest version has a slide down handle instead of a pull handle James
  9. Thanks I'll have a look into it, James
  10. Hi I'm looking to get a brighter bulb for the Map lights and light which comes on when the doors open for my yaris 2010 Can anyone recommend a bulb which is brighter than the toyotoa originals please? Also what the wattage/volts should be Many thanks James
  11. aygo_uk

    Parts Prices

    I had the same done to me before. I can't remember how much I paid but i bought just the casing and it had to be painted, as it came in grey matt finish James
  12. still £35 tax until April then it goes down to £20. James
  13. aygo_uk


    Another update has been posted: http://blog.toyota.co.uk/recall-fix-toyota-confirms-plan James
  14. I'm looking to fit an alarm to my four year old Aygo as I had enough of careless neighbours scratching my car. Where did you have it fitted and how much did you pay? Thanks I had mine installed at a local alarm/ hi fi specialist - John Kleis Reading. It was £350. I had asked toyota for a quote but it would have been £450 as they make the profit on the alarm but still take it to the same place. James