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  1. I can confirm. As long as it's the 2020 edition it does 100% now come full leather. It's got updated apple play and android. Cant remember if he said qi
  2. I do hope so. I wanted the full leather
  3. I knew almodt all above. But didnt know the all leather. Thought it was still 50 50 That would be great deal. I'm ordering the pan roof JBL and scarlet red Hhhmmmmmmmm
  4. I know all the options. I want JBL sound. I want pan roof . They available. Are they worth having. Who knows I want all leather. That's not available unfortunately
  5. Ok folks. I'm about to buy. The 2.0l excel estate hybrid. In red. 50 50 leather. Sun roof or not ?? JBL sound system or not ? But it comes with sport seats. ? Why not normal seats. Why sport . And why dont they do an all leather edition. ?? 50 50 seats is the most. I used to love my avensis . Just hope this is as good
  6. Ok folks. I'm about to buy. The 2.0l excel 50 50 leather. But it comes with sport seats. ? Im.a big guy 6ft 1 Weighing over 20st So I'm.a little concerned if the seat will be comfortable ? Toyota haven't got a car with the seats. So impossible to test it. I need to see. To try. I'm a taxi driver and will be in this 10 to 12 hours a day. Anyone got one ? Anyone live around south wales .
  7. manufacturers warranty expired, i bought the car 14mnths ago, they gave me 1years free warranty with the car upon purchase. it run out in feb, so i didnt have a warranty for a mnth or so, untill toyota persauded me to purchase a new policy, and i did. i have always been 100% up front with toyota, they have always known i was a taxi driver.
  8. Oredered myself a diagnostic tool from ebay. what else to do? need to keep on top of things now, with out a warranty.
  9. Engine !Removed! managment light came on last night? please please please dont be something else major?
  10. Way HAY...................................... they have now turned donw the warranty claim? AND And have just sent me a bill for previous work carried out on my car. £2154 for replacement seat.
  11. My seat started when i went over a speed bump? very slowley, and i heard like a click/crack sort of noise?? so next time i was in the garage having one of the many things listed above looked at, i asked if they would take a look at the seat? they came back to me saying the base had broke? and it would need a new base. took three days to sort it out as they have to arrange for a leather expert to come out and strip the old seat down, they then replace new base and then rebook the leather expert to cme back out and redo the leather again. I left the garage then late that day before they shut got a mile down the road and the seat was bucking like a bronco? they hadnt bolted it down properly? so had to go back the following day for them to rebolt it/ thennnnnnnnnnnnn.............. the following day i noticed it was still rocking so had to take it back for tthem to recheck it again? this time they bolted it down properly? or so i thought. NOW the bracket was broke, a non replacable part? so now it needed a whole new seat £2154 to replace on top of the approx £1000 for the base? luckily warranty and garage were sorting it all out. as for getting rid and moving on???? i wish i could i bought the car 15mnths ago, before cars started to plummet, 4 years finance still owe over £6000 on the car. what car mag value the car for sale at between £4800. and £5400 and £4600 for part ex (in good condition) my car at present needs? a new ECU, plus a new catalytic convertor,toatl price for both parts with labour £2104 with discount etc etc they will let me have for £1600. so would you buy a car for nearly £6000 and then pay nearly £2000 to get it working properly?
  12. Yep from toyota world newport. nearly all the faults were carried out under warranty?its a 53 plate i bought the car 14mnths ago, and have been in the garage at least twice every single mnth without fail. it did have a full service history, from a fleet company. ONE inor problem is this? Im a full time NHS employee.... that parts not the problem Im a part time taxi driver and bought this car with the intentions of being a taxi driver? the car i traded in was a taxi, and i have made no secret of this matter. they said i must de taxify my car when i bring it in? as i am not allowed to be a taxi driver under the terms of the warranty? MY ANSWER I AM A TAXI DRIVER AND I AM TELLING YOU THAT I AM A TAXI DRIVER. so if anything goes wrong i expect it to be sortted? one way or another. no problem sir i was told it will be, you just need to take your badges and all off the car. i pointed out that i have a CB radio which will be fittied and this will not be able to be removed? thats ok.
  13. I wish i had never bought thye !Removed! thing. i have never been in and out of a garage so many times in my entire life. toyota world NEWPORT? they have had to redo nearly everything at least twice. quick example????? the day i bought my car? went straight to newport council garage to get my taxi plate..... IT FAILED, ok so it was only faulty windscreen wiper blades, but this car was suppose to have a FULL MOT and FULL major service. before i picked it up? you want more stories? then reply to me................. and ill give u moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. wayhay////////// more to add power steering seems on its way out? also warranty people screwed me over. you want to know how and why? then reply.