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  1. Hi what's a good gear box transmission oil other then Toyota which is expensive for a 2.0lt 2002 petrol Auto and is it worth changing the rear axle oil if so what is it? It's done 80,000 miles. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all I haven't posted for a long time we have owned our 4.2 since new and it's been a great car apart from a few bits Inc. the ecu. Over the past few years the car is getting slower I don't drive it very often but I did the other day and I couldn't get it up to 70 on an up hill slip road onto the motorway once on and on the flat it crept up into the 80's and held it but there is no real go. Over the past years it's had services Inc plugs, injectors, filters and so on. The wheels are all running fine not getting hot. It passes it's emissions at mot time and so on. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. This
  3. I have fitted the repaired ecu today and it works, as you all said it would after sending it to them for repair. I took it for a spin about 10 miles and all was well apart from the fuel mpg was well down but I will have to do a few more miles to let it all reset. The car is getting old and we should really change it but its my wifes car who is disabled and the car is perfect for her we have test drived others but there is always something that is not quite right like seat hight or bolsters or even door weights. Thanks again for the adviceearn it self
  4. Hi all thanks for that it looks like I will have to send it away as i have replaced the resistors which is the common fault and this has changed the way it is working but not fixxed it it as all ok but slips between 2nd and 3rd and I cant find anything else about any other bits to fix so may be it now just wants a remap? Toyota will not remap it and say its just a replacment unit. Thanks
  5. Hi all our 2002 rav4 has developed the gear change problem and over rev going into 3rd gear, I have re soldered all the larger resistors that everyone on YouTube say to do but the fault is still there? Do you have to actually replace them or is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all first the background 2002 2.0 auto which has got worse and worse on fuel and is now 6 months on only doing 14 mpg around town and 18 on a run so its had 2 pre cat lamdassame bank it burns out the heater a new set of plugs, air filter plus check for air leaks and finaly to day a set of recon injectors. None of which have helped its over fueling big sytle and the emissions are thoes of a jet, the only thing that I can now come up with unless you know different is the ECU it showes a code error p0125 (Insufficient Coolant Temperature For Closed Loop Fuel Control) now the temp looks ok on my code reader. So the question is do we all think its the ECU if so can it be reprograme, Toyota say NO is there anyone in the UK (Birmingham area) who can do this of if I got a second hand one does it have to be from an auto and does it still have to be programed because I know that many of thes are linked to the components in the car and the immobiliser in the key. Any info or help would be much appreciated I am at the point of pulling my hair out or I would be if I had any. Thanks in advance
  7. Well if thats what it says then great but it does seam a bit strange you would think it would get blocked up at some point. Thanks
  8. Hi all and as its New year eve Happy New Year. I am going to sort out the injectors soon but I may as well change the fuel filter as well so where is it on a UK 2002 petrol 2.0 engine code 1AZ-FE there is a long tank by the back wheel is that it? Is there a how to video any where and correct part number? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all I posted about problems we had with our petrol rav and many said it may be the injectors well ive been on youtube and had a look how to clean them which looks ok the problem is the stuff to do it with is £20 per tin and it goes on about ultrasound I can send them away at £60 which I cant realy do as this is my wifes car who is disabled and relies on the car all the time, I can get a set of reconed ones for around £80. The main thing is some people have used brake cleaner which I have on the shelf so does it damage them and is there any other chemical you can use as I have a selection just not injector cleaner or am I just beter of paying the £80 whos to say they are any good? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all and thanks the lambda's are all genuine and it always burns out the heater. I have foud a set of recon fuel injectors for £80 I may just get them and see it will cost me that to have them just took out at the garage.
  11. Hi I have a freind wiyh a landdrover freelander and he has removed the rear prop, ok its no longer 4x4 but it is 40% better on fuel and the only thing it does is give a traction control error. Does anyone know if you can do this to the rav its only bolted in the same but if you remove it does it screw anything up? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all our 2002 rav petrol has killed yet another lambda this will be the 3rd one but its always the same one pre cat bank one and the fuel is getting worce over the past year we have now dropped to around 15mpg around town and 20 on the motorway. Has anyone got any ideas could it be an injector or a cat maybe its had a new set of plugs and air filter. Any ideas. Thanks in advance
  13. Toyota UK will say they know nothing about the free upgrades I cant tell you where I saw the info but if you hut around the net there is qite a lot about it. Thanks
  14. Toyota UK will say they know nothing about the free upgrades I cant tell you where I saw the info but if you hut around the net there is qite a lot about it. THanks
  15. Hi thanks I spent a lot of time over the years on this problem and I am sure its an ecu error if you look at the states they have the same problem but there was an ecu remap that Toyota do free and it fixes the problems. I have had Denso and even went for a Toyota one after pulling my hair out for 6 months, I know their the same but I was getting desperate, the final fix the last time was to get hold of a second hand one that had done 40,000 miles fitted it and the fault went and it has lasted 12 months that one of the reasons I put it all down to the ecu. Thanks again