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  1. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=ST&f=4&t=5992& this was my original string, but I am curious as to what is a good route to go with this car and what is an average pricce range and a contact person to help do the work. Any info will be great thanks...love the car!
  2. now were cooking, thanks alot....MUCH better :), so is dawsey the screen name or real name? f.i., i'll check right now
  3. Hey dave, maybe we can exchange notes a bit. Im getting the feeling that 88's or none gts corollas arent going to get much love in these parts. Check out : http://www.carsurvey.org/modelyear_Toyota_...rolla_1988.html & tercelonline.com, their actually pretty knowledgable of many toyotas. a few people felt sorry for the newbie having the post viewd about 20+ times and only 1 response and gave a link to someone that might be of some help. gotta lend a hand every once in a while....hope it helps!
  4. What are some direct bolt in engine swaps for an 88 toyota corolla or swaps that will work, but will need modifications...either or..thanks.
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