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  1. Yes, local dealership (was Batemans, now Vantage) Peace of mind £145 gave me was worth it
  2. Am now a more "at ease" driver as have just picked up a space saver spare wheel for my Rav Quoted 4 to 6 week wait turned out to be 2 days ! Cost £145 for wheel with tyre, didn't require other bits (jack, brace or nuts) Wasn't going to pay the quoted £55 + VAT for a jack in a million years
  3. Charlie, Mine is the manual but everything else looks the same spec. wise and can't recommend the car highly enough ! Go on, treat yourself !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Actually, if this is a 2013, 4.4 Rav, then the reverse sensors ARE switchable. There is a indicator on the dashboard, above the sat-nav, showing a little symbol of the car with lights that flash when the sensors pick up an obstacle. There are 3 lights indicating the leftside, directly behind and the rightside. To the right of this symbol is a switch that activates/deactivates the reverse sensors. Mine is the Invincible model, don't know if is the same for other models in the range HTH
  5. Sorry to rain on your parade, but my 4.4 comes with 18" wheels
  6. Kev, I know where the jack "lives". After checking, then getting in touch with the dealer, was passed onto TGB to be politely told that "why on earth would we supply you with a jack when we don't even give you a spare ?"
  7. JEALOUS ! Been trying to get one of these since getting my new Rav in April. Told I will have to wait till 2014.............sometime. Does it come with a jack? Have also had to buy one in the meantime as it didn't even come with one of those
  8. No it doesn't have a "ski hatch" Bit of a pain for me, no I don't ski !!!! but I do a bit of night fishing, so to get my rods,rests,umbrellas etc. in, the whole seat has to come down. Then it's a thing to remember to put them back up before I lock and leave the car to stop prying eyes seeing that I definitely DON'T have anything in the boot to break in for .
  9. Tyre low pressure is indicated by a light on the dashboard, the one that comes on when ignition is turned on. Found out that it is working by part deflating one of the tyres. The reset button IS there, underside of the steering column. Like you, I also thought it wasn't there, but you need to get on hands and knees to spot it, a mirror comes in handy !!!! It's almost directly above the brake pedal.
  10. Hi denshaw, Did you not try a car broker for price ? We got our 4.4 Invincible with Nav, Style Kit in my new favourite colour of white for, if I'm not mistaken, just over £4100 pounds off list, all for the extra price of a train ticket to the Toyota dealership that supplied it ! Paul.
  11. We chose a white after having 5 black cars. Don't get me wrong, black looks awesome when first washed, IMO nothing comes close for the first 24 hrs, but after that it looks like it needs washing again, let alone showing up the swirls etc. White, to us, was a big gamble. Well, absolutely blown away with post-washed results. Would now think about white every time. Looks fantastic when first washed, and still so a week later.
  12. Hi All, Just to add my opinion to the 4.3/4.4 debate, loved and had no problems with my previous XT5 4.3, but we were in a financial position to be able to change. When the 4.4 came out we went for a test drive hoping we wouldn't like it. We loved it !!!!!!!!!!! Looks, are of course, a matter of opinion, but the drive and improvements were astounding, (again, IMO) Don't regret for one second on our decision to replace.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know when the spare wheel will be available to buy for the new Rav ? Inquired a while back but no definitive date was given. Got a few trips to the local tip in the pipeline and for some reason my tyres seem to turn magnetic when I go there !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  14. Well I'm a bit hacked off now. Was told on delivery of my new 4.4 at the end of March that a space saver would be available, at extra cost, come June/July. Was also miffed that the new car didn't even come with a jack but was told that would also come with the space saver option so after giving Toyota GB a bit of a (polite) verbal in a phone call, decided to wait (what else could I do ?) A couple of weeks ago was reliably informed that they wouldn't be available at until at least next year ! ! ! All this on a car with a list price of £30 k (not that that's what I paid, but potentially could have if my haggling skills weren't up to much)
  15. Hi, am in the same position as you in that I've been waiting for the space saver. Was informed by Kingo that they wont be available till next year at the earliest as the wheel kit has been manufactured but the skinny tyres that fit onto the wheels haven't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!