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  1. Can be off gt4 or gti.. reply with any offers or emai yasir.naseem@student.shu.ac.uk Thankyou
  2. St185 decat pipe or decatted downpipe wanted please reply or pm me with any available.... Thankyou
  3. Does anyone know how much psi i should be putting into 18inch wheels on my st185 gt4.. the tyre sizes are 215/35/18 for the front and 235/40/18 on the rear.. thanks for your help
  4. Hi.. does anyone know where i can get a dump valve fitting kit for a GT4 St185.. are fitting kits the same for all dv's as i know bailey do a fitting kit but my dumpvalve is not bailey. Thankyou
  5. ynaseem

    Turbo Help

    whats an actuater??
  6. ynaseem

    Turbo Help

    Thanks for the replies guys... Im probably gonna go for a Blitz supersound dump valve
  7. ynaseem

    Turbo Help

    Can anyone help.. ive just bought a 1993 st185 gt4 (import|) , its my first turbo car and i wanted too know how on average long should i set the turbo timer for to let the car cool down. Also can any one recommend a good dump valve, i want one witha really loud swoosh. Any suggestions??
  8. Can anyone tell me the standard bhp on jap import celica (1994) ST185 please...
  9. ynaseem

    Dump Valve

    Does any one know where i can get a good dump valve for my GT4 import (94). I want one with a very loud swoosh..
  10. Can any one tell me what group insurance a 1994 import GT4, would be. I know the UK model is group 17. Is this the same for the jap model.. Any help would be appreciated