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  1. Roy f

    Misty Headlight Lens

    Yeah it must be a bad seal. I just thought if i drilled it from the back of the light where no water can get in, the air might ventilate it and keep it dry. I might give it ago and see what happens, it can't get much worse (famous last words)!
  2. Nice one, give it some stick!! You'll have to let us know how you get on.
  3. One of the headlight lenses on my MRS gets condensation inside it. It dosn't seem to be a problem, but it looks a bit :censor: One of my mates sugested that if I drill a small hole somewhere underneath where it won't be noticed it will allow it to dry out. Has anyone had this trouble, and has anyone solved it?
  4. Roy f

    Mrs Owners

    There seems to be a lack of mark 3 MR2 owners. :o Is there anyone who has one who has done some interesting things to it? I'm looking for inspiration
  5. Kerbs are evil. I always park a good foot away from them, now I'm just worried about getting my wing mirrors knocked off!
  6. Roy f

    Induction Kit

    Does anyone know of a good induction kit for the MRS? When i bought my MRS it already had a K&N air filter. Is is possible to use this filter and adapt it to form part of the induction kit ? Does anyone have any details of how a induction kit is fitted on the MRS? :bookworm:
  7. Roy f

    Driving In The Wet

    I've been wondering about this myself. Mines a mark 3 and it's easy to get the rear end going all over the place in the wet. I've got new yoko's so the tyres shouldn't be the problem. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes when I have to back off when some dull family hatch back doesn't. Still I'm getting more used to it now and it does have it's advantages, a wet empty car park is great fun!
  8. Gutted for you, MR2's are tough cookies, but just make sure that you get it checked out properly. Hope you get her back to her former beauty soon.
  9. I looking for some MR2 mark 3 owners who have done some crazy stuff to there cars, so I can get some ideas. I've done some mod's to mine, but I'm still seeking more power and head turning. Anyone out there?
  10. I was thinking of painting my brake calipers, but when I started asking around to get someone to do it they wanted a fortune. They told me they would have to take the brakes completely to bits, bleed the brake fluid, spray the callipers and put it all back together again. I don't really want to splash out the cash, and I don't want to started taking the brakes to bits myself. I thought of carefully brush painting them, has anyone done this? if so is it possible to get a good finish?and what paint should i use? Anyone help?
  11. Recently bought a MRS and I love it. It has a K&N air filter and a apex exhaust, but I want more power. Does anyone know of any good products on the market and more importantly is anyone using them? Oh yeah I have fitted 17 alloys. I very occationally get scrubing between the tyre and arch when I go over a big bump at speed. I was thinking of fitting uprated springs and droping it, has anyone done this and if so does it cause any problems with 17's? Oh yeah I was also considering a body kit, but don't want to spend a fortune on somthing as extreme as the veilside kit, any ideas?