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  1. Bacon

    Low On Fuel...

    Well I guess we seldom run the tank that low? However when it is getting low we select 'Range' on the display using the right dash button. I guess I'm well trained having ridden a VMAX motorcycle with a 15 Ltr tank and was always looking for fuel after 80 miles Your lucky you have a good range in that tank. I'm glad it warns me in so many way's that I may run out rather than it surprise me !
  2. I have the same problem on my 03 Previa and the dealer changed them just inside warranty. They are now just as bad as ever so I now just live with it. First car I've had where the alloys went bad in three years. Cavalier and Vectra were fine when I replaced those cars at 4 years so I expect our RAV's wheels will go bad. It appears to be a Toyota thing to look out for.
  3. Thanks , Following your progress on the Rav4 forum and here. Good luck my friend ;)
  4. Thanks for following this through. I think your probably referring to the thread I started on the MPV (Previa) thread on the Turbo failure ? and as you will have seen I also had the SCV's replaced a few months after that although I did have different symptoms showing after the turbo was replaced. I have my old turbo sitting on my bench and I can't physically move the waste gate so I'm thinking it's stuck as was the diagnosis. I will be following your progress as you would expect I would think :D Good luck. I am fortunate enough to have both a Previa and a Rav4 as our transport. Rav4 showed the way in the recent bad weather however. Parked the Previa ;)
  5. SportyKing, when I had the new issue at 3000 revs, it was like a switch. Hit 3k and no power. It is a different issue to my stuck turbo wastegate although I did wonder if the fuel issue caused the turbo problem. If you follow my link in my post, it really gives you chapter and verse on costs (about £200 for parts) and testing methods as well as how one guy changed out the SCV's on his RAV4. It's a known problem on the 2l DVD engine from what I'm told. You will see over in the Rav forum that they see the same problem on that car and engine as well. My dealer foreman 'mechanic' who now works on my car (advice from Propnut) showed me the items replaced and told me that with their diagnostic tool connected, they could see the pulse fall away from one of the SCV's at 3k revs so they changed both SCV's and this corrected the issue. There is a guy 'Parts King' over on that forum that can supply discounted parts to TOC members. Good luck and let us know how you progress.
  6. Ok, I just checked mine and both drivers and passenger windows move as you describe, passenger perhaps slightly more. My Previa front window also have movement but rears on that car have no fore/ aft movement. Not a thing I would normally go and check but there you are :D
  7. Bacon

    Car Key Remote

    We had exactly the same problem with our Previa. Would happen about 7:15am as the wife was trying to get away in the morning but fine otherwise. Half hour later and it would work fine? We had new batteries in both fobs and still the same. We ended up locking the car manually with no alarm. I was beginning to think it was being caused by the remote temp sensor for a new weather station thing we got from ALDI's or a wireless network . Have you parked the car in a different place to see if it changes? Sorry I never did find the cause but as the wife now drives a RAV, and I don't get out of bed at that silly time I've not had the problem since. I always meant to start the car and drive it along the road a bit with the alarm going of course and then try the fobs again to see if it indeed had something to do with the location I was parked in (my drive)
  8. Bacon

    Rav4 Photo's.

    Our Betty to keep the Previa company
  9. The dash lights dimmer switch has a click position on my 09 Rav that will fully illuminate the dash lights even with the lights switched on. Helps if you are driving in fog with your lights on and want to see the dash ;o) It does the same on both my Rav and my Previa although I don't have auto switch on lights. Worth a look anyway and perhaps this is your easiest solution.
  10. Bacon

    Door Dunts

    Well the 6 day old RAV XT-R we parked out of the way in ASDA carpark while shopping now has a deep 2" long door dunt with about 1/4" of white paint on the passenger door. This dent is the worst I have seen as a door dunt in my 40 years of driving. If I didn't know better, I would say that someone went out of their way to do this? Anyway, I went back into the store and asked if they has cctv covering the carpark and they don't of course. So I guess we now know the car aint new anymore I did tell the security guy that I would be back to practice doughnuts on my bike now that I know the carpark is camera free ;) I have a faint idea at the back of my mind that there are company's out there that remove small dents although I feel a quick note to Kingo for a price on the side protection rubbers to wallpaper over the crack may be the way forward even if I have to adjust the positioning. I just don't understand why Toyota don't fit the door protectors as standard? Please don't say it's cost as it's peanuts in the cost of an XT-R There you go, stiff feel like strangling someone
  11. OK, we have our RAV now so perhaps can feel more at home in here. :P Anyway, we also have a Previa 2.0 D4D which was giving us very similar symptoms as you describe. I learned how to drive the car so the EML didn't come on but if I booted it hard to overtake, EML on and complete lack of power. Dealer kept saying Turbo problem so for safety sake, we had the turbo replaced and this fixed that problem but we now had some black smoke that I hadn't noticed before. I have the old turbo on my bench and the wastegate is stuck which would give the EML on overboost when I booted it. We ran the car for a few months with the black smoke only showing when you blipped the throttle when parked up. I couldn't see any while driving. This developed into a complete lack of power at 3k revs but no EML. The black smoke was now laying a mark on the road. Dealer checked the car out and replaced the SCV's. All fixed and running as well as I can remember. :D So, two different faults here addressed by two solutions but was one masking the other or indeed cause the stuck wastegate? I don't know. I know this all applies to our Previa but I am hoping there are similarities in all this that may help you with your RAV problems. It's a difficult one and did cost an arm and a leg even with Toyotas help Link to our turbo problem over on the MPV forum has other solutions suggested for the stuck turbo which includes some cleaner from Halfords! Good luck
  12. Bacon

    Baby Seat

    Yo Blue, well as a Grandad with two grandkids, we have fitted Britax Isofix kid seats to our Previa and they are a doddle to fit. As the kids have grown a wee bit bigger (now 4 and 5) we have now gone for the group 2-3 seats which are even easier to fit but the wife gave the isofix a miss this time as the cost is considerable. I personally wish we had stayed with the Isofix as they appear to be a better solution to me and cost isn't really an issue where my grandkids are concerned but the other options are down to seat belt retention. You haven't said what Britax seat you are 'picking up' so no real details here to help us but as I have now fitted two types, I can only say that there are really no issues I have found to fitting if you can follow simple instructions. I suggest you look at the Britax site which offers fitting suggestions As for your question on fitting location for one seat, I personally would fit it rear nearside as opening the door to the pavement must be better than roadside and front passenger involves shutting off airbags etc. Enjoy your Grandaughter and all the joy it brings to you and yours. For the Rav people here, we get our Rav XT-R next week so will be joining this forum but we are keeping the Previa so will bounce between both forums if that's OK
  13. Although I can't answer your child seat question about the Rav as we don't get ours until next month, I do use Britax seats in our Previa and have found the Britax fitting guide useful when deciding what seats are suitable in what seating position in what car. Have a look at the Britax guide and see if that helps any although it is specific to their child seats.
  14. Bacon

    Previa Turbo

    Pics of my Previa Turbo
  15. Bacon

    Rav 4 D4d Engine

    I have the Previa 2.0 D4D so you may be wondering why I am posting in the RAV4 forum! I've found the RAV4 forum useful for doing work on the Previa so I'm cross posting here as this problem you have on the RAV4 sound so familiar to me. I have had the turbo replaced after getting the MIL coming on under heavy acceleration. It would drive ok under gentle throttle but fail under heavy throttle use while overtaking and was dangerous to drive in my opinion. The problem did go away during summer months and came back when it got colder for some reason. I have the old turbo sitting on my bench and the wastegate is stuck. After the turbo was replaced however, I did notice some black smoke when the throttle was blipped while parked up. This developed over time into a complete lack of power at 3k revs. It was like a switch. Hitting 3k and it went completely flat but no MIL. The other main symptom of this was that I could lay down a black streak of exhaust onto the road (I have a side exit exhaust) when the throttle was blipped at standstill. The dealers foreman worked on my car for two days and finally replaced the SCV's which fixed the 3K, no power and black smoke problem. I've purposely been concise in my post here as the whole story unfolds in this link and is similar in some ways to this thread. Hope this helps a bit.