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  1. Hi Can anyone reccommend any brake discs/pads as I need to replace the front and rear discs on my G6r ( which seem to have different sized options when enquiring) Also need to replace the clutch, so looking for a clutch kit, again any reccomendations and where is the best place to buy Any help appreciated Thanks
  2. Hi Looking for a corolla G6r gearknob and was wondering if the one G6 Corolla gear knob is the same If anyone can help out, or knows of one available please drop me a line here Cheers
  3. Hi Corolla_4life Yes, LPG conversions are widely available on most vehicles these days including turbo/supercharged and even diesel (usually lorries). I have had several LPG cars, they run much quieter, your oil will stay much cleaner, and it is virtually half the cost of petrol. You must ensure you get a multi-point system as this is the most up-to-date ( and most efficient ) type. The car will start on petrol and will cut over to LPG automatically, you will be able to tell what fuel you are running on using the gauge that will be fitted into the car There are lots of different makes to chose from, and when I had my Corolla G6R ( had 89000 miles on when converted) - which had the same 1.6 4afe engine, I went for a good quality Italian system ( Romano ), I have had Tartarini, and they are good as well. THe LPG system needs virtually no maintenance ( you should have it checked out after 1 year, the conversion I went for would include this). Prior to conversion it is worthwhile checking the condition of your plugs/HT leads/Distributor cap/rotor arm as it is vital these components are in good condition when running LPG ( I replaced all mine prior to conversion) When you start using the car after conversion it will drink a bit of LPG until the system beds in. I found after 800 miles the lpg system was running efficiently. You will also find that some LPG filling staions have an incentive scheme as well, so every time you fill up they stamp your card and once full you send it off and you are sent back a voucher ( usually in 2 days) for 35litres of free LPG. Pro's fuel cost clean running car Cons I found lpg to put out some water, so ensure your exhaust system is sound. I travelled some distance and had my car converted in Widnes in 2009 and it cost £900 If you want any further details just drop me a line
  4. Hi The 4agze supercharged unit is quite popular to do, however there is some fabrication along the way to make it fit properly. Several members have replaced their 4afe from the e11 to a 20v unit which is a more straightforward swap and then tuned from there. Edited to remove advertising by non paying member There are a few members on here who have completed the conversion, just use the search facility Cheers. Cheers
  5. Hi Richard I have a brand new Toyota Gti exhaust in the garage, if interested drop me a line Cheers
  6. Well, the usual thing, they need a refurb, they have been painted over so need machining back and painted gray on the insert areas. I bought them as a spare set as they are difficult to source I am in Darlington County Durham Cheers Cheers
  7. Well, the usual thing, they need a refurb, they have been painted over so need machining back and painted gray on the insert areas. I bought them as a spare set as they are difficult to source, however my car is going to be sold soon. Sensible offers I am in Darlington County Durham Cheers
  8. Hi Freezer Vary late reply, if you are still looking for G6R alloy wheels, I have a set. I am in Darlington County Durham Cheers
  9. Hi about to change oils, does the G6r have a lsd as per Opie oils and if so is this separate from the gearbox oil Any reccommendations Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies so far Does anyone have any more reccommendations for the make of gearbox oil to be used in a 6 speed box on a G6r? Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Going to change the gearbox oil in my Corolla G6r Which gearbox oil is best to use, any tips to getting a good change. can the gearbox be flushed out with a flushing oil or is it just a case of replacement. Anyone used any upgraded/better oil with noticable differences in gear selection Has anyone here any experience with replcaing any of the bushes ie are they prone to wear, as the 6 speed box is not as smooth as previous 5 speed boxes in older Corollas. All help appreciated Thanks Mike
  12. Hi Looking to replace the exhaust on my G6r, does anyone have advice on replacements... do the Stainless steel replacements improve performance at all, and which ones are best. Anyone know of a system for sale that would improve on the standrard set up ? Cheers
  13. You need to be a paid member to sell here... please feel free to look at your options in the user control panel to purchase paid subcriptions. Thanks