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  1. finding the skinneh tyres quite good in the snow :)
  2. SooZ

    Iq Puncture

    Yeh that's the best bet. Toyotas prices are absolutely ridiculous! I was quoted £80 for an engine oil dipstick!! Can you not just buy another tyre cheaply, or is your mind set on welding it? if its a puncture like a screw or nail, any tyre place will take it off and put a plug in it for about 25 quid - job done :)
  3. lol! thats what i used too :D
  4. SooZ

    Toyota Iq Diesel

    only thing deisels are good for is cement mixers :P (oh yes and these noisy gits of milkmen who waken you up at 5 in the morning with their clack clack clack clacking deisel vans) :censor:
  5. SooZ

    Power To The People

    got one on amazon for a fiver - better than halfrauds 300% markup :)
  6. SooZ

    Power To The People

    Its a pure pocket dab with a 4v input socket.
  7. hi folks i have a little pocket dab that i use in the mp3 jack in the car, trouble is, it eats batteries. Anyone know of a reasonable priced power lead that will plug into the 12v socket? a link would help if you could too, thanks SooZ :)
  8. we get new parts to fix this?
  9. SooZ

    Car Of The Year 2010

    I think you'll find it came in 3rd :P Nope second place just after volkswagen polo and way ahead of open (vauxhall) 'tis too :P
  10. SooZ

    Car Of The Year 2010

    I think you'll find it came in 3rd :P
  11. SooZ

    Car Of The Year 2010

    * European Car of the Year 2010 * 7 Citroen UK C3 Picasso * 6 Mercedes-Benz UK E-class * 5 Peugeot UK 3008 * 4 Skoda UK Yeti * 3 Toyota UK iQ * 2 Vauxhall Astra * 1 Volkswagen UK Polo
  12. and in 3rd place? TA DA! 3 TOYOTA iQ Clever is as clever does and, in the iQ's case, it's at Mensa levels. Its tiny, beautiful air-conditioning unit should be on display in the Science Museum. Toyota has provided such innovations as the reverse-layout transmission, the flat fuel tank and the centre take-off steering, which are (recession notwithstanding) to be seen on bigger cars in future. It rides well, has a great turn of speed, drives brilliantly and is completely lovable, yet the sum of the parts is less than the whole. The iQ is too wide and expensive. (not to wide for me, i get a great kip on my break, hehe) :D
  13. SooZ

    Paint Protection

    polish? - whats polish? :P
  14. Its common sense really, listen to your engine, miss out a gear changing up etc, petrol isnt exactly cheap these days, even for an ikkle IQ! :D
  15. SooZ

    Mpg Display

    They all got it - probably be easy enough to fix the software, its all plug and play stuff these days, maybe by the time we get our first service it'll be sorted :)
  16. at least nowadays you can shop around without voiding your warranty.
  17. SooZ


    aye, that kinda makes sense, nice one Mr Grumpy :)
  18. i think this is flameguy that was on here before lol, the ford ka website is that way bub -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> lol
  19. SooZ


    The headlight thing in a tunnel I can understand, or sitting in a queue and switching them from auto when u dont need them is ok. but staying on till the door is opened makes no sense on any level whatsoever. - staying on for say 20 seconds after you get out the car and lock up would be more like it, for garages etc.
  20. SooZ


    Trying to remember if we ever came to a consensus on why the headlights (in auto) dont turn off till the door is opened? *scratches head
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