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  1. OK, so I'm a brand spankin' new member here. Hi everyone! :D Now, to the matter at hand: My '89 Camry 4-door has had odd, intermittent problems with the door locks ever since I've had it, where sometimes the lock/unlock button wouldn't work. Always after a few minutes of playing with it, I could get the doors locked or unlocked, as the case may have been. Now, however, I'm having a slightly different, but similar and quite possibly related problem: The driver door will not unlock, even though all the other doors will. It doesn't matter whether I use the lock/unlock button on the inside of the door(s) (either front door), or turning the key in the outside lock (my Camry has automatic lock/unlock with the turn of the key in the door locks). The oddest part is that I can use the key in the driver's door (remember, the door that won't unlock), and all the other doors will unlock, but the driver's door will not unlock. Needless to say, since the door won't unlock, the door won't open, so I have to crawl in through the passenger door, navigating my way through the automatic seat belts and over the manual gear shift and parking brake. As I'm sure you've all surmised by now, the first problem facing me is that it's going to be rather difficult to dig around inside the door's cavity to try to fix this problem if I can't get the door open to begin with. Does ANYONE have any idea how I might be able to fix this problem? Any assistance will be most appreciated. Glad to be here, and thank you all in advance. --CoffeeGuy251
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