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  1. the st162 is actually the car model...i own a 87 celica st162.....try checking the engine codes if it is 3sfe then is a st...if is 3sge it could be a gt or gt-s....
  2. Looking for a 3sge engine for a swap on my 87 celica st. Also looking for L&R locking door mechanism....Any help will be accepted......
  3. Looking to buy a celica 87 gt-s engine...please contact me at my e-mail for any information at el_guaraguao_2000@yahoo.com....also any information on locking system for the L&R door handles please notify me..thanks.....(Location=Puerto Rico)
  4. just wondering if upgrading my 1987 celica st with a TRD air intake and headers will provide enough HP to run a 16 flat quarter mile of if i would need to upgrade fuel injection lines, etc...
  5. thanks for the tips GTS i look into the details...thanks for the help.
  6. it curently has 3S-Fe engine 2.0L 16valves (115)hp im in Puerto Rico.
  7. i just aquired a 1987 toyota celica st. Being new to toyotas dont know much about engine swaps or hp increases for this model. Anyone has any suggestion to what later engines would fit and hp increases i can do to the car.
  8. i recently aquired a 1987 toyota celica st and been wanting to do some modifications to it. overall the car is in good condition i was looking for advice on what engine swaps i could do to the car or other modifications i could do to increase hp. So far the car is stock (115 hp) so any advice i can get would be most appreciated. Regards, Josué (Puerto Rico)
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