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  1. hi mate!!! very nice corolla gti, very rare on this days,ive got one too, its my babe!! anyway, could you please tell me whwre can i find a manifold stainless steel for my corolla, cant find it anywhere mate!!! and one more question, how big is the diference with the manifold!!? does ity really fly!!?? tks mate for your time hope to hear from you soon!!!

  2. i'm looking for a corolla gti downpipe. mine is leaking and its getting worser :(
  3. Hi My mate has a yaris t-sport and bottom end started to knock. he realised it was very low on oil and didnt check it too often. now he has had complete engine replaced but we still have a spare block and head with inlet, injectors. is there any use i can make with this spare block + head? or shall i just stick it on ebay? any good upgrades for 1.3 vvti owners? advice needed, thanks
  4. Gonna be hard finding one tbh, Best thing to do is get one made up. Get a once piece straight threw pipe made from the downpipe to the back box. Blueflame are good, Avoid powerflow tho. never heard of blueflame? where are they located? got a quote from powerflow but it was too much!
  5. try "momin" from this forum he's had a corolla gti breaking and is from huddersfield so quite local
  6. 60mm are very rare most common are 30mm or 40mm 30mm you can get off ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/APEX-TOYOTA-COROLLA-...7QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Corolla-1-3-1...7QQcmdZViewItem 40mm : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PI-Lowering-Springs-...7QQcmdZViewItem
  7. anyone know where i could get a stainless exhaust middle piece? really could do with it right now :(
  8. Shipley, Bradford... Yes couldnt see this one rotting away due to the mileage and the fact its only had 3 owners so i decided to restore it and am glad i did..... Now i need to find another project B) Nice to see another corolla gti like mine restored! luks a real minter! what i would do is invest a few quid and buy a new white pin stripe. trust me you wont believe how much of a difference a new pinstripe can make it look
  9. Thanks m8! i should have taken a pic when i first bought it. no where near as good as it looks now. around 2months ago i had it fully resprayed then slowly modded it up. its very hard to get hold of parts for these nowadays. i'm still looking for a stainless exhaust middle section.
  10. looks a lot better if you see it in person! twincam decals are off ebay. manifold has made a lot of difference. just need a stainless middle section now
  11. glad you like it :D My mate did a custom job on the rear lights. aftermarket clear rear lights that you can get off fensport and tinted with red tint spray. i've currently got 3 sets of the clear rear lights brand new boxed. if you want i can do £80 posted a pair. the tint spray is around £10 off ebay. takes around 20mins to do.
  12. just found this forum so thought i'd share some pics of my corolla gti. all comments/advice welcome let me know what you think! spec: 4age tvis model induction kit obx 4-2-1 manifold powerflow backbox lowered 40mm on pi springs espace front splitter 50/50 rear lights jdm sized plates
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