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  1. Happy Birthday Adrian Mo!

  2. Just want it gone. Have zero use for it and could do with the money. You could make ridiculous profit on these or you could have really good Coilovers for next to nothing. Email me: adrianmorrison@Hotmail.co.uk and ask for more pics or info. I'd be happy to help. Adrian
  3. Hello, I had these fitted to my 2003 Toyota Corolla 2.0 d4d but fitted the standard suspension before selling. These cost me £630 when new. Looking for £200 excluding postage. Buyer can sort their own postage or I can sort it at their expense. They don't weigh much so shouldn't cost much. One of the rears has a broken spring/collar which happened when I hit a massive pot hole which also damaged my wheel. Other than that, they are 100% Rang Tein and a pair of new rear springs and collar is around £80 Failing that, you can have the front for £150 and buy lowering springs for the rear. Also for sale is my TTE grill sprayed in silver. This cost me £200 new. The mesh is a little bent but could be replaced. Looking £30 excluding postage. Contact me through this or email me: adrianmorrison@hotmail.co.uk
  4. hey guys, found out from google its the heater core like you said - found one for 42quid which sounds good to me - ill not be changing it myself, looks too tricky to get to and i cant be ar**d lol. thanks again
  5. heys guys, bit of a problem, i have a 2003 corolla 2.0 d4d and it started leaking water INTO the car. i took out the glovebox and removed a few cliped on bits of plastic to see the metal water pipes. there are two comming from the engine and they lead into some 'box-like-thing' behind the fan/heating controls... what is that 'box-like-thing' they're leading into because its in there the water seems to be leaking from and quite badly. [all water was drained pretty quickly into passenger footwell] thanks, adrian.
  6. cheers for the help friends i was thinking thats where it was because it is a kinda cylindrical shape! ill get the fuel filter changed first then if that doesnt work ill change the MAF sensor thanx
  7. could anyone tell me where to find the fuel filter on a 2003 toyota corolla 2.0 d4d?? looked up a few sites and they are sayin the fuel filter in a corolla is in the fuel tank because it apparently should not need replaced lmao, never heard so much bull***** the reason i ask is cause my car wont go over 75mph and you get a real lack of power at 3000rpm and it wont rev past 3 and a half - im thinkin a clogged fuel filter would do this - anyone with any ideas? ive never changed the fuel filter and my car has 132k on the clock please help - stressed lol
  8. also as someone else said ask your mate what equipment his ctr came with as standard ;) at the end of the day honda have been building motors for god knows how long but they still cant seem to find out where the gearstick should go :D Haha, I've always said that about their gear stick, it also looks alot like a peni5 lol, lousy! It's good to hear that the tsport is able 2 keep up with and even beat a type r even when the likes of parkers say a cts 0-60 is 8.4 and ctr is 6.5, idiots lol!
  9. To many pol on here and with videos on YouTube show the tsport from 0-60 in far less than 8 seconds! Also many beating a type r! It's hard 2 know, I'm just gonna have 2 buy one n do the necessary mods 2 gain a bit like stainless steel exhaust and cold air intake or sum sort of decent filer setup! Cheers guy!
  10. A chap i know was trying to tell me that there are 2 versions of the tsport, one with 5 gears [reverse,1,2,3,4,5] and one with 6 [reverse,1,2,3,4,5,6] - personally i think hes full of ***** lol but you guys who actually own tsports set me straight, cheers. he said type r's have a 6 gears i.e. reverse,1,2,3,4,5,6??? the way i see it, a 6th gear wud only b used in diesels, for efficiency purposes :s - hes got his information from parkers! i think he saw a site sayin 5 gears [not including reverse] then another site sayin 6 gears [including reverse] but correct me if im wrong :) [parkers say the tsport does 0-60 in 8. something seconds according to him, bull*****! he says all this because hes a type r man! i buying a tsport soon and i hope to beat a few type r's from round where i live which according to youtube is nearly always the case - any race between a type r and tsport ive seen on youtube, the tsport comes out in front :D awesum! cant wait to get one, cheers guys
  11. Are tsport corollas really that good! I have a 2.0 d4d and looks wise I love it but I want something with lads more power! What mpg do you get with ur cts? Are they as quick/quicker than a type r When does the lift kick in? U know the way a diesel driven right will do near 300k ... Wot wud a petrol! Like if I saw a cts with 80k on her, how much more life wud she have assuming she's running well? And finally, a mate of mine bought a 2.2 prelude 200bhp, he test drove a tsport n said u really have 2 push them to get anythin out of it! I think he's full of ***** lol! Thanks, hope 2 join the cts 'gang' soon LOL :D
  12. Cheers man, it's the standard splitter I'm after! Suppose I shud have mentioned that lol, oops!
  13. hey, was wondering if anyone knows where id get the front bumper splitter for my 03 E12 corolla [pre-facelift]?? thanx :) also if anyone knows a rough price that would be helpful :) thanx again
  14. Of course toyota r gonna say that lol, they just love our money! The brake shoes for any handbrake should never need replaced imo (providing the same shoes aren't the primary source for brakes)! They're not used to wear really, just to stop the car from rolling! If there's anythin on them at all then it's enough :)
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