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  1. Yes thats why i'm replacing the rad but as you said I didn't want to buy a poorly made rad.
  2. Hi,I'm about to change the coolant with toyota red & I thought of changing the rad for a Iezura replacement at £150 as the car is a 96 (3.0td auto). Does anybody know whats the quality of these rads please? thanks. Brad.
  3. Hi all, my handbook states 5w40 for my 1kz landcruiser but I have 0w40 in can anyone see a problem? I ask as a Toyota tech said its to thin but how can it be when mine is a oil thicker when hot? Thanks.
  4. Hi again, I do agree with you really but I get the mobil 1 from the warehouse at half price & change it once a year which prob will work out cheaper & less oil waste for the inviroment.
  5. Hi Andy, I have already asked there but I found people don't seem to reply What oil do you have in yours? Thanks for that anyway.
  6. Hi all, hope you can shed some light on this for me? I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from under the engine today & it smelt like oil so I investigated & found it was coming from a pipe which also had a film of oil in it, when followed I found it connected to the intercooler which I think is an outlet just under the intercooler rad, but while there I could see that there was a metal pipe coming from the turbo that had been blocked off & it seemed like these pipes were connected at some point but maybe I'm wrong. Does anybody have any ideas please? 1996 Parado 3.0td auto top mounted intercooler I did change the oil for mobil 1 super syn 0w 40 for diesels- the manual says 5w 30 could this be the problem as its to thick for the 1kz engine? Cheers, Brad. Here is a picture-cursor over the pic into the box http://www.flickr.com/photos/25739162@N07/2420309989/
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