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  1. I'm looking for a drivers side barrel and key but can't find any.... I've seen this one on ebay that's for a Toyota Hilux, the key looks about the right size but that's all I can really tell. I've had the door handles out from my car before but I've never taken the barrel out to be able to tell if they are the same type, any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Oops helps if I give car info ....1990 corolla gti
  3. My key has snapped off inside the barrel but still works for the moment but I know it's gonna eventually fail. Does anyone have a barrel with matching key for sale for drivers side door? Cheers
  4. Another ball ache item has risen its ugly head... :ffs: I now have a nice wheel bearing droning noise coming from somewhere but for the life of me I can't work out if its from the front or the back or which side its on.. I've jacked the car up and there is zero play in the front wheels and a tiny amount in the rears. I took it out with a local mechanic for him to have a listen and he couldn't tell which wheel it was coming from either. He did also say that you can't really tell if the front bearings have gone even if you do rock the wheel. As these bearings are pressed on this could start to work out really expensive as I doubt there's anyway I can get them on or off. Anyone got any good suggestions as to another way of trying to find which wheel its coming from? I've been quoted £50 labour + bearing cost which is about £30 but idealy I need to know which wheel rather than having them done in pairs which would work out at silly money
  5. Thanks again guys, I'll take all the trim off at some point over the weekend to make sure the tubes are in place....just when you think you've got everything finished something else comes along :)
  6. Thanks guys, I'll take off the vent tomorrow and running a bead of silicone around it just to make sure its sealed properly and I'll have to drill a hole and refit those grommets but where exactly are these tubes?. When I took the sunroof out I had a good look inside the little compartment that the sunroof slides back into but couldn't see any tubes, are they supposed to be in the rear corners of that compartment? Ohh and Now I finally know what those vents are for on the side of the pillars,I thought they where there just to look pretty :) shame they didn't do a good job :ffs: or maybe I should have done a better job fitting the sunroof
  7. ACKK !! Help needed... I just went into the garage and noticed a puddle of water underneath the rear N/S arch, it seems that the little cubby hole that sits behind the bumper has been filling up with water :censor: How is the water getting in here? I can't see anyway for the water to splash up inside to create the amount of water that was on the floor.... EDIT: I forgot to mention I had been driving the car in the rain so the water hasnt appeared from nowhere :) Also in my infinite wisdom I removed the rubber grommets that sit at the bottom of the little cubby hole and covered them over, this was a rather bad move as I've had to make a new hole to drain the water from inside the arch. I still need to know how the hell its getting in there though to prevent it from happening again...
  8. Well the day finally arrived and I actually got to drive her..!! I was a little disappointed with the speed if I'm tbh, I remember my old Ae82 that really flung you back into your seat but this doesn't seem to be anywhere near as quick but the sound of that exhaust popping made up for it by putting a huge smile on my face :P She past her MOT today with pretty much flying colours, only small problem was the O/S rear hand brake wasn't at 100% which I'll take a look at over the weekend, thank god for nice MOT inspectors What I did notice now that I can stand back at a good distance from the car is that it really doesn't look right without the mud flaps, it just seems to look a little bear at the rear so I'll have to try and get hold of some of those along with a few other niggly bits. It seems lots of people are breaking these on ebay but they never have the bits I need or don't bother replying :censor: Once I get my tax on Monday from the DVLA office I'll have a nice excuse to drive her around all the local breakers yards looking for bits n bobs
  9. I need the electric window mechanism for my 1990 GTI drivers side. Mines missing a few teeth and wont fully wind up.
  10. I might just take you up on that offer,does that include the motor? thats what seems to be holding mine back now. I've thrown lots of wd40 along the runners and its now moving but it sounds really rough and it does feel a little tight in some spots.
  11. I had a look last night but couldn't see how you actually get access to the runners that move the sunroof. I think I'll just try soaking the whole damn thing in WD40 to try and release all the rust inside. I've got the MOT booked for saturday so It looks like I'll have to put it all back together again until I can find a motor etc...bummer cos I know what I'm like , once the cars all done and finished I won't want to take all the roof lining off again
  12. After putting most of the car together I realised the door really did need to be black after all. I also finished the last of the painting today, I didn't have time to give the wing mirrors and rear number plate light surround to the paint shop so I've had to do them myself along with the spoiler which has now been painted 3 times in total :censor: When I picked the car up the spoiler had been resting against some gas bottles at the paint shop and as soon as I picked it up the paint peeled off..! I left it there for them to paint again. When I got it home I was just about to fit the spolier when it decided to jump off the cabinet It was laying on and hit the floor, proceeding to break one of the corners and chip all the paint off. I thought they were made of plastic but it appears they are fibre glass, so I had to repair the corner and try my hand again at painting. I also had a dabble with the sunroof mechanism in between the coats of paints and it seems the motor is knackered. When the motor sits at its correct angle the cog seems to hardly move but if you turn it at a different angle it starts to spin. I managed to manually get the mechanism to move by using a large screwdriver in the slot that sits behind the cog but its really hard to move so Its starting to look like I need new everything :( Is it possible to take the runners apart or is it a complete sealed unit? So I need to now know if its possible to buy the required sunroof parts from toyota or if anyone has the working runners and motor for sale?
  13. TBH I've got no idea what the paint is. When I bought the paint I asked for the whitest white they had. It seems easy to match though as they ran out when it was being painted and had to buy more from a different stockist. Yeah the plastic trim is black that fits along the roof I didn't have that fitted when I took the photo's. I know what your both saying about the tops of the doors, I thought that it should be black to match the plastic that covers it, but I'm not sure what I'll do about that. Its a easy part to paint that even I couldn't mess up but now I've got one side of the car finished it doesn't really look out of place being white. I think I'll wait until the whole car is completley finished then see how it all sits together, if needed I'll buy a can of 2k ready made so I don't have to mess about with the compressor etc.
  14. Wohhooo....Got her back from the paint shop today..... :D It worked out a little more than I was originally quoted as I asked them to go over anything that I may have missed and they needed another 1.5L of paint as well. I'm so glad I had it painted professionally, theres no way I could have ended up with the finish that they produced. Now Comes the joy full part of putting it all back together again.
  15. Hmm since the forum has changed the options button seems to have vanished for me. How do I now display the thread as a whole instead of one post at a time?