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  1. Hi guys back again with another Q.... Where has the TOC car sales gone? I can find the autoclub link where you have to pay but can't find the internal section, does TOC no longer have one? Trying to post an advert for my MR2....
  2. That's a blast from the past, yeah good over here :) You in aus now? last time we spoke was at Santa Pod or Silverstone campsite years ago before you were married :)
  3. Damn, that's a blast from the past. Welcome back mate I'm sure I can dig out a picture of you in orange trousers and wearing a 'fro :D I still have the Silver Corolla but have a diesel Corolla as my daily drive. Look forward to seeing you sometime this year. John Cardiff Should ahve added I'm no longer in Cardiff but Basingstoke :( Whey hay!!! Come on the Cardiff lads :thumbsup:
  4. Hi guys, great to see some of the old faces, this place has changed a tad... Posted a Q in the MR2 forum before xmas and not a single answer :( Will hopefully be out and about quite a bit this year on trackdays with the 2 but more with the drfit guys and the camera :) Now have some good contacts and getting media access to certain events so the right side of the fence :) Was thinking of you at Wembley Kimi as an S15 was zipping past sideways :) John, a diesel, really, that I never thought would happen :) I'm still a Sales Manager at Nissan so car changes frequently :)
  5. Quick check from memory, I'm soon to be buying some alloys for a rev2 MK2, am I right in thinking the alloy sizes should be 16x8 rear & 16x7 front? For tyres I seem to recall 225/45/16 rear and 205/45/16 fronts... Does this sound about right??? Am also looking to put R888's on the alloys but not sure they make them in that size, has anyone here run R888's on 16's and if so what sizes are you running :) Thanks for the help peeps & peepettes...
  6. TheNissanMan, MW3 on for a couple of hours most days lol :)
  7. Well, not sure who'se still around but thought I would pop in and say Hi (again)... I knew one day I'ld get another 2 and finally have one (sort off), I know work for Nissan running a sales team so life is pretty manic but my father has just bought a rev 2 turbo purely for track days so will defaintely be out and about this year and asking advice :) So far the car has GAB suspension, ceramic brakes (questionable), c-one exhaust and some alloys which will soon be changed along with the tyres (thinking R888's at the mo)... It's been a good, good few years since I've had a 2 so forgotten everything lol... Should hoepfully also be at nuermous tracks as now heavily into photography so try to get out as much as possible, should be a good few of the drift meets including Gatebil (if we still have our Norwegian friends onboard) so hopefully see a few of you out and about :) Who'se still around from days gone by?
  8. Very few Dealers would ever give a clean price for any vehicle, if you've been offered more than average you've been given a price ahead of book which is very good!! The only car I have ever given a clean price for was an extremely clean vehicle which had been serviced that day, had new tyres all around, full service on the dot, not a scratch or blemish on the paint work, and was in a condition that could be placed straight on the forecourt (which in that case it was) where I knew that £0 spend from me would be required! Just because the books have a clean price in them doesn't mean you'll ever get it :)
  9. On a lot of manufacturers the aircon is not a required part of the service intervals as it will not effect the mechanical running/reliability of your car, most manufacturers list an aircon service as being recommended every couple of years...
  10. 10-15 should be about right, don;t forget that your shiney new vehicle will get tested at the factory as Dawsey says but also go through a PDI (Post Delivery INspection) at the Dealership which should involve a Road Test. If your car only has 3-5 miles on the clock it means that the guy PDI'ing your car has not really checked that the cars ok...
  11. Will defo have a spare paddock and grandstand pass if anyone needs one. Arriving Friday so no good to send out for the Saturday but if anyone is planning on camping sat night can arrange to had it over :)
  12. Modern air con units do need regassing from time to time, especially if not used regularly exactly as stan says.... It's not a matter of not accepting stans description, its what happens... If you don't want the accurate answer to your question I'm sure we could make one up although Mr T may ;augh at you if you go to them with it :)
  13. Scheme is definately still running although it is looking as if the money will be running out much sooner than expected. The problem dealers will have is if they can not fulfil the order by the time it runs uot by the look of things...
  14. Anyone camping ?? Im heading up saturday after work and there on the sunday... Possibility Ive got a spare paddock and grandstand pass, not sure if these are normal as get them through work lol... Anyone want it give em a shout and can pass it over sat night at the ampsite as won't get them with enough time to stick in post.
  15. True - but what car is UK built within a 10 grand budget ? Before using the 2k Pixo, Micra & Note from Nissan, not sure of others but sure there will be some! Using the 2k allowance Pixo will start at £5k on the road!
  16. . . . I wanted my 10 grand budget and the scrappage deal to support the British Car Industry. Couldn't find any British Car Industry. Bit harsh!! Toyota have a superb plant up in Burnaston, Honda in Swindon, Nissan in Sunderland... The Japanese Manufacturers build a load of cars in the UK and truely support the UK Motor Industry!
  17. That vid is ace once you skip the initial news clips :)
  18. There's been a couple of posts about bad service on here recently but what about the good service? This week I've personally recieved 4 bottles of wine, a single malt, and a case of stella which considering I don't actually sell anymore is amazing and deeply appreciated, as I do have some new members to the team I have been helping them and being frontline so to speak). So has anyone on here given anything to the person who sold them the car to say thank you after recieving good service ? It can't all be bad can it?
  19. thanks for that. i did ask at toyota and they said i need use a toyota garage to service but they are going to say that arent they haha B) To cover your back I would ask them whether it must be a Toyota Garage or a "VAT Registered garage using Toyota authorised parts" to cover your back more than anything else.
  20. Shouldn't do, government past legislation donkeys ago which means that as long as you use a VAT registered garage who use Toyota authorised parts and stmap your book in accordance with the service schedule you should be fine :) I would check the small print just to be safe...
  21. Thanks, have you been to the majority of main dealers ??? I run a sales team for a main dealer who regularly get strong CSI reports from our customers, comments like this do pee me off as we do try. Yes little things, and on occasion big things go wrong which I prefer as you always hear about them as they can't be hidden but and it's a big but, a sales staff are made up from guys and gals like you and me who do on occasion make mistakes, after all were not perfect. What most customers do tend not to do is let the sales manager know if theres a minor niggle! If I don't know that one of my customers are not completely satisfied then how the hell am I going to try and come to a satisfactory solution for both parties? Rather than post derogatory comments about the motor industry don't comment on the alleged majority unless you have first hand experience on the majority!!
  22. Send a another letter to HO stating that you mailed them on 'x' date and there would be an investigation and ask how the investigation has progressed as nothing has been heard in writing.
  23. TBH I have not come accroass a customer who has paid in full, most take advantage of the 0% DD option which is paid to the SP company (maybe different for Nissan Dealers), if it is the Dealer that has withheld your money I would draft a letter and send it to both the Dealer Principal of the Dealership and the Complaints Department for the group to start with. The Complaints procedure details will be clearly identified on the Initial Disclosure Document you recieved with your order form (the form that lists the Dealerships FSA status, products sold etc). If that gets you nowhere I would be writing to Head Office. Most dealerships take customer satisfaction extremely seriously, I will speak in person to any customer (new or used) who has a query (luckily not many complaints) to clarify any issues and try and come to a happy resolution! I would be surprised if they do nothing as the service you say was not completed properly would have a job card so that they can invoice work carried out and would be backed up by the requirements in your service book!
  24. It sounds to me like you've got a bad dealership as I'm sure PartsKing will back me up. I'm not 100% on Toyota's SP but am sure it can't be to different to the Nissan one. A service Plan with a good dealership will be a very good thing, if the market goes !Removed! up the easiest way to get more money into the dealership is to put service prices up, by taking out a SP your locking the prices to current prices and what should be done is all the required and recommended work as stated in the service book, so you should be fully covered. If you have received a less than satisfactory service from a Dealer havce a chat with the service advisors and if you get no joy there deman to speak to the Service Manager! Service Plans do work and are a great way of budgeting your costs, it is down to your Dealership to ensure that the work is done carried out and you shouldn't need to check that everything in the service book has been completed, you could always ask to look at the job card to check what has/hasn't been done.
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