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  1. pretty simple guys! (he hopes) where is the handbrake adjustment, i looked around the handbrake removing all the plastic! then round the rear wheels! dont know if just missed it! or is it under the car somewhere??? oh update on my car changed discs, pads, oil, filter, spark plugs and reset ECU still engine light comes on though the car runs smoother! part from if i hold revs at 5,000 for couple of secs eggy smell fills car! if the engine is behind how is it filling the cabin?? thanxs!
  2. got it from "autoparts" think you can pick one up anywhere its just a standard "din" size! it was about £14 (i think, got discount so not sure) the shorts: i'd just come back from beach! (finally hot in devon)
  3. (firstly sorry for the poor pictures!) i've looked through the forum and alot of posts of "ice" and what you can do with the MR2! i've only had mine a month and thought that you would like to see my first mod! all i brought was the stereo (with fitting wires) and the compartment! which came to bout £140 used the existing brackets in the car! (so if thinkin something similar dont let them rip you off with fitting kits etc.. needed nothing!) and i'm no tech wizz and i had no problem fitting all of this myself! except the millions of cuts that i gained while fiddling :( the plastic sides just pop off and unscrew and the fan/air-con/clock dash is a piece of pie to remove (theirs a guide somewhere) the grove is where the stereo flips down! (and unlike the picture shows, it is a nice smooth edge made from mdf and body filler) the stereo is a LG LAC7700R B) remove the panel for secret (not anymore) compartment for extra storage! etc.. anyway just thought i'd show you wot i've done!
  4. uncoiledwonder

    Mr2 roadster

    pics of my car
  5. what will it do to insurance etc.....?? (i'm not suggestin anythin but will you just simpley not have the "time" to phone up)
  6. where did you get the vinyl dressing from? halfords? thanks would be much appreciated we've finally got a sunny day here in devon so bin for a "cruise" and noticed my soft top is in dia need! steve
  7. does any1 know where i can get an exhaust the same as that??
  8. well i asuming that toyota dont think its anything major! because they had the car three times and didnt follow it up! (could just being lazy tho?(unlike toyota)) the car is due a service i just brought it this month so put it through as soon as financially viable! yes the engine light is always on! was the engine light on in yours bgorman? thanxs really helpfull
  9. hey i've just brought my 2000 (W) mr2! and am new to this forum (so sorry if done it wrong) my older brother previous owned the car and the engine light came on a year after he brought it (2004) he took it to toyota and they couldnt find anything wrong with it! (he didnt drive/accelerate the car fast, literally never over 70mph) he took it in about 3 times and still nothing! so when i got the car i obliviously floored it and noticed that at 4,100rpm it hesitants sometimes so minor others where the lack of power is frustrating! its no problem to drive still quick, but i dont think its to its ful potential! toyota obliviously thought this problem wasnt a major issue and let the car drive on! i was wondering if anyone could help diagnose problem! is it just the vvti? (i'm not use to) something to do with the airflow into the engine? oh also i noticed that the left (as you look at the engine) exhaust/emmission sensor has been replaced (by toyota) the car is unmodified! sorry for rambling on! steve
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