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  1. Make me an offer, its running well, new battery,reasonable tyres, tidy interior,none smoker, still in regular use,needs a sympathetic restoration,
  2. I may have to sell my trusty Corolla 3 door hatchback, 1300 auto 107k runs well if your interested ,message me
  3. here is mine, 1.3 auto, running really well,103K
  4. after about 8 years ownership,we have had to let our Yaris go, its not the cars fault,just my SO needto keep it company s more room and cofort, it has taken us around the country,very reliably and economically ,the MM gearbox ,although a little "jerky" works well, only 40500 miles and only worth £750 in PX, see pics,hope yours work as well as ours did , I am still keeping the Corolla ,just getting a Honda
  5. my hatchback reached 100,000 miles today sorry it needs a polish,but still runs well,much appreciated car !!
  6. surprise , the windscreen washer pump went again, the genuine Toyota item,cost £76 in 2011, replaced by what looks identical item off Ebay at £7.99, so far,two faulty windscreen ,and one rear washer, small but VERY annoying
  7. I have used Waxoyl on brake pipe connections,were the flex pipe connects to the metal pipes, had no issues,also rubber suspension bushes,again no issues,the advantage being it never sets solid,remains flexible in use,I first used it about 1976,on a Fiat 124ST ,and it stopped the rust on that !!! I have very little experience with Hammerite smooth paint,so cannot comment,
  8. with Waxol the wire brushes to clean the items are to extreme,just remove built up dirt,and apply,it NOT a paint,rather a slightly tacky surface that protects from small stones and resists corrosion, Hammerite,made by the same company is a hard gloss coloured paint,that requires a clean surface as paint would, if you want a gloss shiny finish ,Hammerrite is ideal,but more work in preperation, If you just want durable rust proofing,like under sills,under wheel arches,Waxoyl is perfect,after a few months,it takes on the colour of dirt !!!not ideal for show vehicles!!
  9. I have all my practical experience using Waxoyl, it is designed to be flexible,semi-healing ,and reputed to displace moisture,this I have found in the 30 odd years I have used it, just use a stiff nylon brush the remove dirt,not totally down to bare metal,and brush on,force into crevases using the brush, it will semi-set and protect the tin ware,
  10. old fashioned Waxol,or Carcare do a copy, use a still bristle nylon brush to get rid of the worse debris,while you are doing that,have the Waxol can standing in a sink of very hot water,the higher the ambiant temp is the better,then using a dish and a 2" cheepo paint brush, get underneath and apply all over any place that needs it, http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/product/7653897/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK%7CShopping-_-Google+PLA-_-Hammerite%7CGalvanising+Paints+%26+Sprays-_-7653897&kpid=&kpid=7653897&istCompanyId=f7e7b05b-2daf-4c0e-8825-3633baf8113b&istItemId=xitmqiwxt&istBid=tztx&gclid=CKjPwL37m8UCFcoJwwod5E4A7A the above will give you product details,and factor should stock it,it can be thinned with white spirit
  11. just finished replacing a washer pump on my 55 plate 1ltr yaris 3 door, I can tell you its much easier if you remover the OS front wheel, my car is french made and has 2 pumps,and this is the second to go,the first was the front screen,for that I got an original Toyota pump,and nearly had heart failure over the price,they charged over £70 !!! the the I got this time looks exactly the same,from a UK source,off Ebay.for £11,97, draw your own conclusions on my car the front pump is for the rear wash,and the rear pump sorts the windscreen, I will supply a link forany that need a new pumphttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-OR-Rear-Windscreen-Washer-Pump-Toyota-Yaris-2001-to-2005-French-models-/231042542553?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3AToyota%7CModel%3AYaris%2FVitz&hash=item35cb356bd9 hope this doesn't break any rules
  12. I have a 55plate 1ltr Yaris,the front washer motor failed,genuine Toyota spare about £70,bit of a pain to fit, now the rear washer is playing up,the pump spins,but now water jet,but,just to make life interesting,it pumps about every 6 months! then stops again, this is a twin pump washer bottle, any advice? source of inexpensive spares ? sods law,it worked for about 10 mins today,then nothing,can still hear it spin,but nothing
  13. Problem over, it was just flooded !!!!! I feel such a pratt.but didnt want to do more,incase I damaged the engine !! goes back into hibernation!! Happy new year to you all !!!!
  14. Hi all, sorry to interrupt you Christmas fun, BUT, went to start my Corolla today,and it seemed to fire one cylinder,then sounded like the starter just span, after looking under the bonnet,and trying again,the crank,pulleys all spin,but nothing, this leads me to believe the cambelt has gone, as it was replaced only 8K miles ago,about 6 months,I am not happy, so,your help please, its a S plate 3dr Hatch, 4E-FE motor, firstly,are these prone to shedding belts? what are the chances of nil damage to the valves? thanks in advance for your help and advice. John PS,sorry the pic is cropped
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