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  1. Thanks 🙏🏻 F B’s Mucho appreciated 👍🏻
  2. Please could someone point me in the direction of the T180 2.2 D service schedule - thanks in advance 🙏🏻
  3. I get this on 07 T180 May be a coincidence but when I fill up with derv, the warning light disappears? Any thoughts / suggestions welcome 🙏🏻
  4. Many thanks F B for the swifty reply 🙏🏻 I have forwarded on to my mechanic aka my step dad to peruse 😉 Thanks once again. 👍🏻
  5. Hi folks, Long time no speak... Can someone please point me to direction of above please? Much appreciated as always Regards
  6. Now I know I talk in riddles sometimes....but please provide an explanation for this one Kev!! ;)
  7. Great MPG :D More was the golf?? ;) FORE!!!!! :o
  8. parky68

    Which Service?

    Last years service was 6 mths late too!! :o Sept as suppose to March!! :o Yes, they informed me last years service was a major service!! :) Give us a Scooby!! :D
  9. Just been to see Mr T to book a service in...the Rav is a T180 March 07 (5 and half years old) 35000 miles and 6 mths late being serviced!! :o I was quoted standard service - oil & filter, kick the tyres etc £139. When I punched the details in Mr T website it said Major + service £299 plus couple extra fluid changes?? Who's right??? :o I'm confuzzed!! :(
  10. Thanks Uncle Buck!! Good film by the way!! Lol :-D
  11. parky68

    Car Kettle !

    Don't forget the Kendel Mint Cake ;)
  12. Thanks for everyone's input ;) Checking the next service schedule, it looks like its included, so will sort that one!! :D Says 6degs here ... but with that wind??? :o
  13. 35000 miles, 5 and half years old T180 :) Is this item on any service schedules?? :o Many thanks - hope it's stopped raining where you are!! :D
  14. Nice mota Kev ;) Suits you!! :D