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  1. The diesel has a two element electric heater incorporated in the heater unit, if you turn the heat control down one notch from high the engine will not idle up as it is only the highest heat setting which switchs the elements on. Lovely toasty on cold morning, don't forget to put control to recirculate mode. keith
  2. The engine breather from cam cover goes direct into the intake after the air filter, so there is always oil mist drawn into the intake. Take a hose off the bottom of the intercooler and see how much is in there. Keith
  3. As soon as battery is connected operate the fob to turn off the alarm , this resets it Keith
  4. Seeing as it,s a diesel drilling or grinding should be no problem. Keith
  5. The abs not working does not mean that the brakes will not work , during normal braking the abs would not kick in anyway. You appear to have a more serious problem. Keith
  6. Just use Sygic on tablet, free tom tom map upgrades, 3d junctions cheap headup addon. Keith
  7. Could be bottom ball joint. Keith
  8. It isnt a D-cat if it,s only 136bhp, same as mine, White smoke is water vapour, how many mile are you doing, give it a good run to dry out the exhaust and if it.s still doing it it's getting water into the combustion chambers somewhere. Keith
  9. The handbook shows the temp range of the different oils, so if the temp is in range there is no reason to not use them. In fact' if you read the book they only say it is the prefered one. Keith
  10. get the revs right and you can change without the clutch, Keith
  11. If you read the handbook there are more permutations of grades of oil, not only 5w30. Keith
  12. bigend

    Egr Blanking

    make one out of stainless sheet 1mm thick is enough. nkeith
  13. Check the earth straps to chassis, clean where they bolt up. Keith
  14. The geo's on mine and a work collegue's were exactly the same, got continentals on done 30,000 still 3.2mm and no cracking. Keith
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