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  1. Guys, Old post, but I need some clarification... What's the centre bore on a Levin GTZ? Also, can someone confirm that the standard wheels are 4x100 32-38 offset? The reason I ask is that I've got a set of 16" wheels in my garage that came off an Mitsibushi Evo 4. As far as I can find out (please someone correct me if I'm wrong), they're 4x100 35-42 offset 56 centre bore, and I'd like to know if they'll fit. I'm gonna give them a go. but they're buried at the back and will cause manic disruption, so I'd appreciate some advice first! Cheers! :)
  2. I tried adding it as an attachment and it wouldn't have it... I'll try again...
  3. Still works for me... Weird... Try cutting and pasting it: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forum/viewthr...=4529&pid=30143 If it still doesn't work, give me mail and I'll send you one.
  4. For Sale - 1992 Toyota Levin (Corolla) 1.6 GTZ - This is a very rare car in the UK, and features the 1.6 Supercharged unit developing 170bhp. The car itself only weighs in the region of 1070kgs, so it has very good bhp per ton. It also has the factory optional 'Super Strut Suspension' system, which keeps the camber of the wheel flatter through cornering, thereby allowing maximum contact with the road, hence aiding handling. The car has only covered approximately 40,000 miles and for its age, is in very good order. Spec is as follows: 1.6 16 valve supercharged engine (4AGZE) developing 170bhp 40,000 miles (63,796 kms) Super Strut Suspension system Power Steering Electric Windows Central Locking Electric Sunroof Electric Mirrors Air Conditioning ABS Momo Steering Wheel Momo Gearknob Blitz Turbo Timer Dual Exit Exhaust (Recently replaced) 15" Alloy Wheels Factory optional 'Levin' floor mats The only thing that lets the car down is the alloy wheels, which need refurbishing or replacing. They're not knackered and haven't been kerbed, they're just not holding up to the UK weather! The price of the car is £3,650.00 o.n.o., which given the mileage, rarity, and spec is a damn bargain! The only reason I'm selling it is that I'm getting a Glanza as my daily runaround. If you want any further pictures other than this one (Click here for picture), give me a mail on grogs@tesco.net. The car is available for viewing in Southampton.
  5. Due to lack of space and use, I have 2 no. Corolla AE82's (Fwd, NOT Rwd Coupes!) GT's for sale: The first is a 1986 white model, which has been stripped interior wise (all parts supplied minus front seats) and prepared for track use, and features Red Sparco bucket seats, blue 3-point harnessess and a Cosworth Induction (Pipercross) Induction Kit. The car is in excellent condition and only has a few small spots of rust. No MOT or tax. Click here for a picture The second is another 1986 white model, which is completely standard and has about 9-months MOT left on it. The car is in need of some TLC, but does come with a private plate worth in the region of £500-£600.00 pounds. Both cars as a package available for £1,500.00. Will split if necessary, although preference will be given to people who want both. Give me a mail if you have any questions or would like pictures - grogs@tesco.net.
  6. Cheers guys! Silver Surfer - When you find out some info, let me know!
  7. Ok! So there's obviously no-one in 'the know'. Can someone answer a simpler question then? What offset/pcd etc are the wheels on Celica's and MR2's of the 1992 era?
  8. White 1986 Corolla GT For Sale. The car has just had 12-Months MOT, and has had new rear brakes fitted. The bodywork is average for the age of the car, but the engine is in very good order. The car also has a registration plate (D32 GEF) valued at over £500.00 (see www.Midland Registrations.co.uk) The asking price including the plate is £800.00, which at the end of the day gives the 12-Months motoring, plus extra revenue from the plate if required. Contact me at grogs@tesco.net for details.
  9. Got a question for someone in 'The Know'... I've just bought a Levin GT-Z (AE101), and the wheels look remarkably similar to the 5 spoke MR2 wheels. Does anyone know if they're the same? The reason I ask is I'm on the lookout for some 17 or 18s for it, and if they're the same, then I can look out for a second-hand set. Cheers guys!
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