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  1. Thanks for the replies FROSTYBALLS and Kenny500. I spoke to Westfalia and have sent them photos. Westfalia will send the photos to the manufacturer for advice. I'll post the result.
  2. Has anyone had success fitting a Monoflex bike carrier to an Aygo? I have fitted the brackets and spacers correctly according to the instructions but the cross-brace on the left upright is too short to couple with the upright on the right. It would take (what I consider) too much force to bend the uprights until the cross-brace fits. The manufacturer web site might be useful if I could read Swedish!
  3. Sorry, can't hear a rattle from your recording. Sounds just like a normal Aygo. A common problem on earlier models was rattling from loose baffles in the silencer box but I thought it was cured before 2006. A problem that I had with a cold engine under load was a tappety noise caused by piston slap. Engine was rebuilt under warranty but lots of people think piston slap at cold is harmless.
  4. Hi Nathan, Have I figured correctly, that your first replacement clutch failed within a year? Should that first replacement clutch not have a one year warranty? If so, second replacement should not have cost you anything. I am in a similar position as yourself. My Aygo needs to be replaced. I like the car but resent the high maintenance costs (broken clutch, leaking water pump, piston slap, higher than average tyre wear, no where near the claimed mpg) compared to other cars I have owned.
  5. Clogged air filter? Only takes 10 minutes to check
  6. Thanks everybody for their enthusiastic replies. I think I should take the IQ range for a test drive to see what suits best. Although my Aygo was disappointing reliability wise, (piston slap, clutch, water pump, wheel bearing) I do enjoy driving it and especially enjoy outmanouvering bigger cars.
  7. Hi, The time has come to change my Aygo. Due to problems with piston slap and a clutch disintegrating, I don't want to buy another Aygo. When the IQ came out at first, I am sure that I read that it had a Toyota designed 1.0 engine and not the re-badged Daihatsu engine that is fitted to the Aygo. Now the spec sheet lists the IQ engine with the same type number as the Aygo engine. Can anyone tell me.................are the latest IQs fitted with the same engine as the Aygo?
  8. Hi Kev, Toyota re-built my engine under warranty because of piston slap. It started at less than 20,000 miles. I ignored it at first but it got so bad that I had to have it done. My local Toyota dealer agreed immediately that it was un-acceptable and dealt with it without a quibble. The car has now done 56,000 miles and on a really cold morning I can hear it starting again! Needless to say, I'm not impressed with these engines. My previous Toyota was a Yaris that did in excess of 100,000 miles without needing any work done and wasn't even burning oil. But the Yaris had a Toyota engine, not a re-badged Dhaihatsu.
  9. Hi I've never had that problem with my Aygo but a similar fault in an old FIAT was down to the instrument voltage regulator being faulty.
  10. My wife put her jacket into the washing machine along with her Aygo ignition key. It still starts the car and opens the doors manually but the remote function no longer works. I want to open it up to check for water inside. Does anyone know ..... if I open the key and remove the battery, will that kill the manual operations? If it does kill it, is that a hefty fee from Toyota for re-coding? Just had another thought while writing this. At the same time as the key was being washed, the Aygo battery was disconnected to allow safe working in the engine compartment (New clutch fitted). Could the disconnection possibly have affected the remote sensor?
  11. Also, what does the rubber do? Does it cause problems if mis-aligned or just more road noise
  12. The clutch pedal on my 07 Black (55000 mls) has suddenly gone very heavy and the bite point moved very close to the floor. I take it that this is a sign of imminent total clutch failure. Being a canny Scot (i.e. tight) I am reluctant to pay Toyota prices for a replacement. Can anyone recommend a good clutch centre in West Central Scotland (i.e. Ayrshire/Glasgow) Thanks.
  13. Mine is making a similar sound but only on the move. I thought it might be coming from the front discs. New discs and pads didn't clear it. I'm thinking now it could be the water pump bearing,
  14. Bad luck having a puncture on a new tyre. At least with an Aygo, you can use the full size spare unlike most cars these days. A personal gripe of mine!
  15. My wife took our Aygo in for an MOT last week. She said they passed it after adjusting the headlight aim. They then charged £20 for adjusting the headlights! Bearing in mind that they would have the car on the headlight jig as part of the MOT, opening the bonnet and adjusting the headlights must have taken less than two minutes. Multiplying that up over a 37 hour week for a year and we are into bankers salaries. Stand at ease, moan over. At least it passed.
  16. I've had my Aygo since new and have just fitted its' first set of discs and second set of pads at 47000 miles. If you brake hard or often, the disc heats up. I heard a theory that if you have hot discs and stop at traffic lights, keeping your foot on the brake pedal keeps the section of the disc covered by the pads from cooling. The rest of the disc cools and sets up stresses that result in a warped disc. I don't know if there is any truth in this but it sounds feasible to me.
  17. My Aygo exhaust has broken again. The first time it was replaced under warranty. Now I have to pay for it myself. A while back I recall reading about a sports exhaust with a revised stronger mounting. Does anyone know if the standard box was revised?
  18. Someone ran into the back of my Aygo. The spare wheel well was distorted but the steel spare absorbed a lot of the impact and I'm convinced it reduced the amount of damage. I'm definitely leaving mine in place!
  19. Sorry, I didn't read the post properly, I thought it was jjj_aygo giving an update on the original post. If you can't feel any judder under under heavy braking, it might be worth your while getting a second opinion. A second opinion might also give a more reasonable quote.
  20. Brake judder is often due to a warped disc. Did you replace the old ones with Toyota parts? Could also be a loose caliper, or dirt behind the disc not letting it seat properly. Can you feel the judder yourself when braking? I don't see that there's £414 worth of work in curing brake judder!
  21. That filter looks absolutely manky to me. Even if it's not the source of your problem, it needs replaced. It's probably suffocating your engine. Your synchromesh is probably ok. It matches the speed of the cogs that are to be meshed. If there is too big a speed difference, it will make the change hard to do.
  22. The synchromesh will probably normally block you above 2500 rpm. As for the slow rev drop, I had a similar thing with an aged Mazda and it turned out to be a chocked air filter. I couldn't remember when I last changed it! Worth a quick look.
  23. Hi Alex, I don't have a wiring diagram for the Aygo so this is just a guess! If the dipped beam is coming on and the main beam flashes ok but the main beam does not switch on normally, I'm guessing that all wiring, fuses, grounds etc are ok. It looks to me like a faulty switch. Might just be dirty contacts, have you tried exercising it (i.e. switching on and off repeatedly) with the power off.
  24. Yes, I've tried it. Same result as yourself.
  25. Try the same thing but using the handbrake instead of the footbrake. If it still creaks, it's probably your rear brakeshoes being slow to release. Lots of my cars have done this it at some point and it's not serious. If it worries you, take the drums off and give the shoes etc a clean out. Don't breath the dust, it's nasty stuff.
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