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  1. Hey gents!!! I have a Yaris SR (1.3) I bought in March 08 brand new so got all the fancy sat nav and lowered suspension and stuff and when I first had the car I was averaging about 32-36 mpg but this was probably due to my heavy foot. now I am a fair bit lighter on the pedal and I still struggle to keep it over 38mpg even though between the Asda I fill my car up at and my home I can get 46-50mpg on the short 2mile trip. Even on duel carriage ways doing 50-60mph it seems to drop to around 42pmg, sometimes lower and ends up around 36-38mpg by the time I fill up again after about 180miles. The best bit is, i can do 220 miles on the motorway on just about 2/3 of a tank and still my mpg is no higher than 42mpg. Doesn't seem to add up to me. Also, has anyone with the built in sat nav had any issues with it cos I'm only now getting mine sorted and working again. Its been back to Toyota 5 times since noticed the problem about 3 - 4 months ago and they have replaced the SD card (which also included a new, updated set of maps which was nice and it was a 2GB card instead of a 1GB card), they have given me 3 different TomTom units to try and their latest efforts included replacing the whole head unit where the TomTom docks with the car (apparently a very expensive part that they wanted to change only as a last resort)...still this did not fix the problem. As all the hardware had now been changed I asked if they copied my settings etc across to the new TomTom device each time and they were...this is where the problem was. Having deleted all the downloaded data I was using, i.e. voices, startup and shut down images and car symbols, and re-added them one by one, it appears as though the error was with a voice I was using. So Toyota had gone through all the expense of replaceing parts at my inconvenience and I eventually solved the problem myself...how annoying is that? If anyone has a problem or has had a problem with their TomTom Toyota I would be interested to hear your stories and how you or Toyota were able to resolve the problem. Sorry if I got a bit off topic but got carried away when typing. lol.
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    Yaris SR 2008 in Decuma Grey

    Pics of my Yaris SR 2008
  3. Hi all, I'm glad to say I am now a proud owner of the Yaris SR (2008) and am so happy with the car so far...It's only been a week today since I picked the car up but I love it so much I can't get out of the car and already done 650 miles in it. Love the 16" pitlane alloys on it (I've even left the blue celophane protective sheet on the central caps as it just makes the wheels stand out that little bit more), the spoiler is not too big for the car and really does add to the sporty looks. I went for the Decuma Grey and I didn't really fancy black or the lighter venitian silver and my mum has a chilli red aygo so wasn't gonna go for that colour either. Really think it suits the car nice if your a bloke...lol. I love the idea of the built in TomTom and how it is integrated into the entertainment system, however the hands free microphone to make the car one giant phone doesn't pick up my voice too well when driving, especially at motorway speeds (any ideas on how to make the microphone pick up my voice better would be welcome), its fine when the engine is not running or idle and there is only minimal background noise. I'm sure there will be many things i'm going to pick up about the car as I spend more time in it and have a fiddle with all its features and will pass on any knowledge to you guys as and when it is available. Fantastic little car and as I said earlier, I'm already a proud owner.
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