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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply seems to be OK at the moment. Hope it stays that way. That makes sense about the gear box thought it might be software related thanks again Ian
  2. Hi Been a while since I've posted, not been using the Rav much lately and as were emigrating are putting it up for Sale soon with that in mind thought I would get the MOT done .Took it round this morning early got a call about an hour later to say the Car was ready to pick up. Wen't round couple of advisories Front Brake Pads a bit low & Offside Ball joint gaiter could do with replacing in the near future. Anyway car had passed and I have a spare set of Pads I've been waiting to put on. So drove the car home never paid any mind to the dash lights as they are always OK. Had the car out for a run later on the motorway noticed the engine management light was on. Can't think why i never noticed it when i came back from the MOT. Anyway was off to visit someone figured i would have a go at resetting the light when i got their. I figured the easiest and quickest would be to disconnect the earth lead on he battery for about 10 -15 minutes. here's where it seems to go wrong I heard a chiming noise lasted about 20 seconds then all quiet. So left it for 20 mins went back reconnected the lead car started engine management light stayed off. Then the problem putting in to drive it's an Auto, the car started shuddering not much but enough to be noticed,looking at the revs they seemed lower than normal . Took a chance and pulled away car drove fine pick up through the gears was OK., came to a stop same problem. ran it down the Motorway and back and it seems OK now, but im wondering is their something lurking ? Apologies for the long Post. with hindsight should have taken it back to the MOT station but I was a fair distance away and figured it would be a simple reset Thanks for any replies Ian
  3. Thanks for the info will keep an eye on it. My Son drove the Car last night as his was out of petrol ,nothing knew their Asked him how he got on with the stop start. His reply could not get on with it, so switched it off Tried to explain to him that it was their to save petrol fell on deaf ears. ian
  4. Hi Just an Update on the Air Con had it in to The Dealership this afternoon They had a look and then regassed it. Can't complain as their was no charge for the Regass. Done under their used Car warranty They even hoovered out the car and did a visual check of Oil and Tyres First time i've had to use them for anything so hope this bodes well for the future getting used to the Car only thing I can find wrong is taking off in first gear after it's been stopped in the eco mode, takes a bit of getting used to Thanks Ian
  5. Thanks for that Hoping to get it done for Free at the Dealership. My own fault for not checking it on the Test Drive will play it by ear see how I get on Thanks Ian
  6. UPDATE: Had a chat with the Salesman this morning regarding the AC Warranty mentioned I wasn't entirely happy due to adverse comments i had come across on the Web. Asked how much extra it would be to have The Toyota Warranty extra £150 that would have made it just under £600 not bad as the AC was £445. After speaking to the Guy and getting some Info on what was and wasn't covered. I decided to do a Deal with the Devil and took out the AC warranty. I know ill be forever damned but i thought i'd give them a chance. Anyway picked up the Car this afternoon drove home thought i would try out the Air Con even though we don't get any hot weather In Glasgow not up to scratch at all blowing more hot than cold. phoned up the salesman explained the problem. So it's going in tomorrow or latest Thursday to have it checked ,expect it needs regassng will see how that goes. will give me some idea of how the customer service works at least. ;) Regards Ian
  7. Thanks for the Info Interesting read. Does seem like quite a few people have had problems with the warranty repair side of things makes me wonder how AC are still in buisness,would have thoufgt Trading Standards would have shut them down. Was plannig to do most servicing minor repairs myself. Only reason I agreed to the Service/Mot plan was it would hopefully keep the warranty in place As i mentioned earlier have bought a few cars from AC maybe i've been lucky with the dealerships but i've found the ones i've used to be helpfull the thing that concerns me and i will speak to them tomorrow about it is the Diagnosis charge don't mind if it's repaid when warranty work is carried out but will see what they say about it. Thanks again for the advice regards Ian
  8. Hi New to the Forum, was wondering if i could get some info on a Yaris 1.33 it's an 09 plate 1.3 SR with the SST I'm picking it up tomorrow afternoon from an Arnold Clark Toyota Dealer in Glasgow. Car has done 27000 Miles turned 3 Years old this May so is out of warranty has full service history from AC Toyota. Here is where it gets a little tricky. I decided that I would like to take out an extended warranty also service & Mot Plan. So negotiated a price on both The Service & Mot I'm not worried about. It's the warranty. At the time I took it out yesterday after aTest Drive which went well Car drove well and is in very good condition for the year I agreed to a 2 year warranty. it was only when I got home that i reaised the Warranty I has taken out was with Arnold Clark and not Toyota Uk. the cost for 2 years was £445. after some looking around I think the Toyota one is around £700 or their abouts. The problem i'm having is to decide wether to cancel the AC warranty and pay the extra to go direct with Toyota or keep it as it is. anyone on theForum had any dealings with AC regarding warranty work ? good or bad. I've bought a few Cars off AC but never taken out a warranty with them so not sure what to do. Apoligies for the long Post. Other thing was this will be the First Yaris i've owned and have not had any experience with the SST system . Thanks For any advice Regards Ian
  9. Hi Im thinking of having the following Bluettooth Kit fitted to the Rav it's the (Parrot MKi 9200) Buying it from Halfords they will fit it but I beleive it requires an Extra lead or 2 I think i've found one ot the leads on Amazon an S01 Lead goes in to the back of the stereo to allow the Voice to come through the speakers think thats how it goes. Ours is an XT3 04 Plate with i beleive the Standard double Din Radio CD no sat nav would i need any other leads before fitting. trying to keep the cost down buying them outside halfords if possible Thanks for any advice Ian H
  10. Hi Kev Thanks for the info on the Garage in Motherwell I remember Bothy talking about tbat garage. Do you knowcthe contact details fir them ? Regarding the wheels on the Rav , spent some time looking for tge locking wheel key. Never found it. Was goingvto phone the previous owner to ask whefe it was then noticed the wheels dont have locking nuts. Need to find some ASAP Noticed in the service history it was serviced in Wrexham lindrop toyota for the last 7 yearsgoing to call them this morning findvout if any thing major had been replaced in that time. Wife is slowly getting used to driving it after a year with Cooper S. Thanks again Ian h
  11. Thanks for all the replies Car has done 74000 miles full toyotavservice up to. 69000 So it's getting near the 8 years or 80000 service. Asked at Toyota in Glasgow They quoted £411 for the full service. Is this a good price ? Was wondering what they do at the 80000 mile service Thanks Ian.h
  12. Hi Couple of Pics as promised
  13. Hi Clare Also have Run Flats think their on 18 inch wheels even on relatively decent roads can still throw the car offline going to get the Rav cleaned up and take some Pics this morning. Sorted Insurance out yesterday had some strange quotes from Saga online was £338 on the Phone £540 when I asked why such a difference they told me I wa getting an online discount. <_< Thanks ian h
  14. Hi Sad story but with a happy ending. I purchased a 3 door NRG auto for the wife 4 years ago. Never had a Rav and the other half had never driven an Auto. It turned out a marriage made in heaven,she loved the car drove it every day to her work shopping etc. all went well until last June. The Road Tax was due petrol prices going up. I convinced her to pat ex for a smaller Car, big mistake as we bought a 1.4 Auris nice car but so underpowered, had it a Month chopped it in for a Cooper S. very nice Cargoes like a Bat out of Hell. Problem is has Sports suspension, we live in Pothole City, Glasgow Car gets thrown around like at a ship on high seas. So have now rectified my mistake of getting rid of the Rav, managed to find a 3 Door XT3Auto Travelled down to North Wales last night to pick it up. From the Lady who owned it from new. Early days but veryy impressed with the Car will try and get some Pics up later. Apologies for the long Post just really happy to be back in the fold Regards Ian.h
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