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  1. It's easy to convince yourself there was no washer there, if this is the first oil change you've carried out on this paticular car.

    On the last oil change I did, I swilled and swilled about in the old oil tray, determined to discover where the washer went. There was no sign of it. I knew it had to be somewhere because I fitted it myself last time. Couldn't understand it. There was only one place left so I reached back up into the sump plug hole and felt around the collar seat, but couldn't feel any washer. As I'd now drained the old oil away, I knew it had to be up there. And it was only after some vigorous 'scratching' around the sump plug hole that the washer finally dislodged and fell down. At no time could I see or feel it. If I hadn't fitted it myself I would have shrugged my shoulders with a, 'well, it must have hit the side of the oil tray and rolled away'.

    - Saying that, you did say you managed to unscrew the oil filter by hand, I've never been able to unscrew any oil filter by force of hand alone - ever ...but don't know if a lack of washer would make that more likely or less.

    Hi, im just thinking of doing the oil change on my Carina 1994 1.6 4A FE, anyone know how much oil is required to re fill?? Cant seem to find it in the haynes.

    It is in Haynes - 3l exactly.

  2. All,

    I hit the "well known" problem of the facelifted ('96) Carina E. Its rear foglight switch is not working reliable.

    I found that this switch has 8 pins.

    If I replace it with Carina E earlier model's switch (made in Japan) which has 4 pins but the same connector - the foglight is working fine, but the headlight stops working. :-(

    I cannot find any wiring diagram about the later model - I have Haynes manual, and it has the older japan model diagram in it. Techdok doesn't contain Carina, ToyoDIY also not has wiring diagram.

    -Do you have a wiring diagram for facelifted Carina E?

    -Do you know what are the 8 pins in facelifted Carina E's rear foglight switch?

    -Are you aware of any methods hot to assemble the old switch into the new car, and have a working headlight?

    Thank you!

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