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  1. this sounds really similar to waht i said, and i think its a good idea...but people say it might take away the international view of the forum...but it will bring local users closer..and easier to organise events....ect. Toddy
  2. Livo


    well im English in Australia, cept i havnt been to england for 11+ years, which technically makes me more aussie than english......but the only thing i like about england is the snow..... thnx toddy
  3. well rally australia is on the 4th - 7th august i will be cruising to the Perth if ne one from perth even exists pm me and well cruis to it!!! Toddy
  4. yer id say, go the zauhst and intake befor chip....... but i also have a corolla (98) 1.6, so i want to enhance the performance...but i was also wondering is it really worth it?? Toddy
  5. just wondering if there are ne aussies here....if so post here and let me know Tnx Toddy
  6. Livo

    Sniff Petrol

    love the site, some funny :censor: on there.
  7. yay, another aussy, but im from perth :P i didnt make such a public notice about becoming a member but Welcome aboard :hokus-pokus:
  8. yer thats what i thought, all though i got a mate with 2.5 on a nissan pulsar??? whats the deal with how bigu u can go. Todd
  9. not neceserily, as there still can be an international news page, forum page...ect, Todd
  10. thanks mate, pretty much the same as what i had on my old car, cept im think about a rear spoiler as well, otherwise it looks a lil plain. Im thinkin about gettin a 2.25 exhoust??? any suggestions? Todd
  11. ok, as i have just come form the pulsar forum to toyota's because i have now got a toyota not a nissan, the nissan forums seems to have alot mroe activity in it, that why my reccomendation about a regional section to this site would be good, because if people come from the same places, they can meet n cruise. i have been apart of the pulsar site for about a yr now, but i have recently sold my car.<- if u wanna chec k it out its prety cool and alot of friendly people here.
  12. i think it would be fun to have a regional section in the forums so all people from around the world can come together with other people form the same places, aka Australia, Japan, America, England..........ect Think tis a good diea :D :arrgg-matey: Todd
  13. ok i got a 98 corolla seca CSI(australia), and it looks and sounds plain let alone goes pretty slow, what can i do to it to make it go faster, and look better, if there are any pics of a modded one i would be interesting in seeing it! Thanks for your help Todd