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  1. MAF sensor cleaning http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=63346
  2. Hi GG, is the gearbox a manual or SMT?
  3. on the flip side of this if someone wanted to get rid of the stock ariel and remove it to be replaced by a small dummy one what would they have to do? radio never gets used in my car, cd'a all the way.
  4. Thanks guys. After reading up everything on the forum ive decided my first alteration will be the removal of the pre-cats (found the addy of the guy in Durham which is close to me). What i would like to change is the ugly looking plastic air intake sides. Looked on ebay and i can get the silver ones for £125 is this a decent price? or is it worth spraying the plastic ones?
  5. Decided after much thought that i'd take the plunge and buy an MR2 roadster. Ive just got myself a silver '02 model SMT, AC and a hard top, black leather interior with 39k on the clock. Test drive sold it to me bigtime, its the first sports car ive owned, but not the first toyota. Extremely well looked after car bought from a dealer. I'm now eagerly awaiting the collection day 4th sept. Been reading around the forums for a while and its seems like a first class purchase. All i need now is a decent cd player as the only thing i disliked was the huge sony effort that was in it. Will up some pics when i collect it ;) Strangley it came with lots of immobilisers??? the factory toyota one, a toad alarm and immobiliser and another immobiliser that needs to touch the toyota key when turning on ignition? If this tab doesnt touch the key it wont start?
  6. Thanks for that mate, i'll give it a try cheers
  7. dappa44

    Fuel Economy!

    Full tank on mine £50 and i get 320 miles, thats on a 2.0 vvti 'X' reg
  8. Thanks for that, will take a looksy ;)
  9. theres 2 fuse boxes under the bonnet, but like you i aint got a manual and have no idea which fuses are which (im trying to find the one for the water jets??)
  10. It's a 2000 model 2.0 sr Ive located 2 fuse boxes under the bonnet, but without a manual i've no idea which fuses are which? Although they are colored and numbered.
  11. I tried to wash the windscreen the other day and the water didnt appear, i turned down the music and couldnt hear the motor even try to force the water out. Ive mentioned it to a few friends and they said check the fuses first, problem is.... i dont have a manual for the car and have no idea where the fuses are or which ones are for what purpose. Any ideas please
  12. all the stats you got m8. cant find any info at all for it. are you happy with it, how reliable are they.
  13. ive just bought this on an X plate, 39,000 miles prestine condition. was wanting some info on it as i cant find any on the net. reviews or comments from owners. thx Dappa